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  1. Do you have to be a betta australis member to enter? And I've never done this before, so is everything you need provided and you basically just show up with a fish? Or is there more to it?
  2. Wow, thanks I'll only need a lift for very short notice stuff, otherwise I can get there on my own. Very nice of you to offer :)
  3. Bummer, I can't make it on such short notice. I'm on northside so it's a bit of a drive. Would love to join though, and participate in the fish grooming, just need the details.
  4. Love this idea Is there any info on the club anywhere?
  5. I have actually emailed you someone, and I know you have been busy so I don't want to nag you or anything, but I would really like to know whether or not my fish arrived in this shipment, as I didn't pay the deposit. Details are in the email, there is no rush, just need to know if they arrived so I know whether or not to make the trip to pick them up.
  6. I use play sand from Bunnings, and have never had any issues with it. It gets stirred up enough when I gravel vac that it keeps the gas bubbles under control, and I also have Malaysian trumpet snails, and they like to dig around in it, which also helps. I didn't think you could use UGF with sand, because it would be too dense to allow waterflow? I think sand is heaps better than gravel, because with gravel all the poo gets trapped in it, and you can gravel vac forever and it will still be sucking up poo, but with sand it all just sits on top and so it's really easy to remove and then it
  7. Oh wow, poor little fish... Seems to have a good life anyway tho, which is really cool :)
  8. I wet some constanciae eggs yesterday afternoon, but still have no sign of fry. How long did yours need to hatch?
  9. I have read that fish have no arteries or nerves in their tailfins, and that's why it's sometimes recommended to trim their fin if they have early stages of fin rot. So I don't have a problem with it:) Looks cool:)
  10. I think the tank is a little on the small side, would be fine for a small one, but when it gets bigger it would need a bigger tank, hopefully the small tank won't stunt its growth.
  11. I have a pond only slightly larger and I use one of these: http://www.pondsupplies.com.au/pondshop/po...1-pr-16251.html with one of these: http://www.pondsupplies.com.au/pondshop/bl...ters-c-293.html (I can't remember exactly which one I chose) Works pretty well for me, only clean it about once every 3 months or so, and I have about 6 goldfish, some danios and some bristlenoses in there.
  12. I don't believe in cramming the most amount of fish into the tiniest tank possible, I believe in trying to give my fish a natural environment where they will be happy and thrive and grow as big as nature intended.
  13. Goldfish get huge, up to 30 cm, so they need big tanks. I always say a minimum of 200 litres for one goldfish, so I guess 250-300 would be suitable for two. There is no way you could keep 20+ goldfish in a 230 litre tank. Maybe when they are small, but they need room to move, not to mention they are extremely messy fish and you'd need a massive filter for that amount of goldfish in a fairly small tank.
  14. Ah, the CT's. Yeah, that would be a prob. Fast growing live plants use up nitrate, as already mentioned, duckweed, elodea, hygrophila polysperma, banana lillies etc..
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