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  1. Looking good guys, sorry I couldn't make it last night got stuck at work till late . Cheers, Josh
  2. Nice shots. Yeah the pair i grabbed off you are amazing, female has so much colour in her. Both my males are holding atm so should have heaps of babies soon
  3. Yeah read about how to do it and from what they say if you morph them by chemicals you have to continue giving them it to keep them alive, not sure if that's true or not tho.
  4. Hey mate did you buy her as a salamander or did you morph her? Not many axolotls in Australia are able to morph without help from chemicals. Have always wanted to own a salamander.
  5. Paul that tank is mind blowing, some really awesome species in there. could spend hours in front of it without a care in the world. Cheers, Josh
  6. Thanks guys, once I get the net connected at the new place I'll upload some photos. Doing all my internet stuff off my mobile which isn't too much fun. Cheers Jarrod much appreciated, I'll see you this Tuesday . Cheers, Josh
  7. Hi Everyone, I'm new to keeping bettas as of this year and have become addicted to Wild bettas big time, Currently I've got Betta Enisae, Krataios and Unimaculata, with my Enisae and Krataios males holding. Looking at expanding my collection with Betta Mandor, Foerschi, Strohi and of course Betta macrostoma. Looking forward to learning as much as I can for everyone on the forum. Cheers, Josh
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