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Excuse me, what is my snail doing?

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lol it's not being rude!!! U have a dirty mind...

I actually watched them carefully when they did it once it's getting close to the surface for air. They actually suck in the air and spit it back out through that tube

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"The respiratory system of the apple snail is highly adaptedto tropical waters, which once in a while dry up. This change in wateravailability is reflected in the apple snails respiration system: a combinationof both a gill and a lung.

The arise of the lung in apple snail can be explained by thefollowing conditions:

Low oxygen levels:

The oxygen (O2) levels in tropical pools can become very lowdue to the combination of high temperatures and a lot of rotting organic waste.Aerial respiration is a efficient way to overcome this lack of oxygen in thewater and is not only used by snails, but also certain fishes have developed anorgan to derive oxygen from air (for example labyrinth fishes like Bettasplendens and others)."


Pomacea haustrum,one of the larger apple snails, withextended siphon. (left)

Yes, that's what's happening.


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