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  1. Hi afr3178, Cloudy eye is caused by bacterial infection. I have treated it in the past using methylene blue. I also added some rock salt and epsom salt to help it along. Malachite green works well too but be careful when dosing and do not use if you have scaleless fish. The downside of using these medication is that it stains your gravel and equipment. I recommend treating the fish in a separate tank away from your aquarium decor. Hope this helps :)
  2. Happy birthday!

  3. This quote could really open up a can of jokes... but i'll leave it too your imagination :D
  4. Looks like a pygmaeus baby. From memory, they do have different markings at this stage. Grow it and we'll find out soon enough :)
  5. Welcome Ricepaddy, Joan and I had a table just opposite the Vic Cichlid society. I like how some members refer to small fish as fish food :)
  6. Happy Birthday Paul!

    Have a great day. :)

  7. Hey Goody, The reason for water being pumped into the individual barracks and then overflow is more so for heating purposes. If I were to live in a tropical climate or have a heated fish room, then I would just have individual barracks sitting on a shelve (that's how I did it in Malaysia) and do full water changes once to twice a week depending on the size of the barracks. If I were to build it all over, I would make it higher. Looking at the picture, I'd stop at the 3rd level (from the top). I'd have more space for the sump below (a bigger sump could be used) as the bigger in volume it is
  8. Hi queenbrooke, I hear silver dollars eat plants... so for a start i would not add them in :welcome:
  9. Hey Neffy, I like the second photo with all the fish looking at one direction... and the colour gives it a certain feel about the picture Can't really explain what the "feel" is though...
  10. Hi there, I too love Dwarf Gouramis... But the last time I kept them was in 1997. Back then I was in Malaysia and found that they are very easy to keep but very difficult to raise their fry. When I kept them, the conditions were similar to Bettas and Tetras. So really there should not be a problem. Right? However when I attempted to breed them, there was an issue with their immunity. They bred in the thousands but most fry did not survive. This is despite having the best setup at the time (I was living with my Grandfather who was a Discus breeder) and had access to most things needed to
  11. WOW!!! In an ideal world... That's definitely the way to do things - clinical and methodical.
  12. hi there, i have heaps of those cherry shrimp thriving in an aquarium set up for them. I think they mature around the two months mark as i remembered when my betta fry were two months old, the cherry shrimp babies (that were of a similar age) were already reproducing... hope this helps :D
  13. There is a return water. I use a sump (10L blue tub - however i'd prefer that to be slightly bigger) which also acts as a filter where the return water goes straight into filter media (bio balls and ceramic bio rings) and filter sponge which is placed in a basket where the pump pumps the water up. Also have a 700lph (Hydor Seltz L 20 - being 14 W which is relatively efficient) pump and two heaters (150W and 100W - the idea being that two works better together and serves as insurance if one fails). Initially i wanted to have a water tank/filter above that overflows to feed the individual
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