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Amazing black angel aquascape tank


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Im bored, I have a million deadlines and today, I'm working from home.

So! What's something fishy I can get up to, to continue my quest in perfecting procrastination?

Oh those poor little angels cooped up in a corner of my grow-out... I'm sure they'd love a tank of their ceru own, while I work out what the hell to do with them (they live in my sorority but I've pulled that tank down and medicated the ladies.)

I know! I've got sticks and plants! Angelaquascaaaaaaaape!


Got an old spawn tank, it's about 60x25x30

And I have a light that's way too big, that'll look lovely over the top, won't it (brought to you by slap dash designs)


K, masking tape, gl

Ehhem iPhone, anyway as I was saying... Tape, gloss black enamel spray and a rainy day (last element not nescissary)


Ok,,, more pics to upload but I gotta go get done wood for an in related DIY project, more obvious photos coming....

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Okay - it's bucketing down here so I've postponed my woody project.

Decided to paint the sort of bits of the side too - so I can hide heater and filtration (little aqua one sponge number)


So I masked them as roughly as possible without measuring or nothin.


Anyhoo...took it outside so the occupational health and safties officer could oversee the developments


He didn't really care, because there was thunder, and the pommeranian across the road was barking its bits off - so while he wasn't looking I sprayed the back of the tank without a MASK ! ( do not recommend)

However DO recommend putting something down to spray on to so concrete dosen't get painty and landlord dosen't evict.


The trick with spray paint (boys and girls) is lots of small layers, not big thickness and gloggy painting... this will result in drippage.

I've used an enamel paint as it's quite a bit more sturdy than water based paints, and if I want to get it off, I will have to basically strip the tank and start again - and I like doing things the hard way.


First layer - with appropriately happy and affirmative reflection. bad photo, deal with it.

Now the thunder is cracking and the dog's going bananas, its probably getting wet, and with all the moisture in the air won't be drying any time soon.

Awesome slap dash factor = 100

I shall let this paint cure and keep you posted with updates.

I still don't know where to put this tank.


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So - while the paint was mostly dry and totally stinky, I dragged the tank inside and got the hair dryer on it

TOTALLY STINKS and I'm probably high right now - don't care.

(Am i talking in point form? I think I'm talking in point form)



Found a spot for it - popped the heater and filter in, scaped a bit over it (will have to keep an eye on the PH as this is a few sticks from the teatree experiment)

Java - Rocks, conditioned water with Carbonate hardness powder - dechlorinator - amrite down - cycle - salt - conditioned filter - oh god - point form - rushing - cant think of what else I put in - water. um.

I'll let all that bizzo settle and plop the sickly angel fish in - they've been bashing eachother and one has a bit of ..something... so they've all been in a multicure bath.


Good interior design.

That's why people in hospitals are sick - cos hospitals are UGLY

uh huh.

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Smartest thing I ever did - putting a BLACK BACKGROUND in a tank designed for BLACK ANGEL FISH

Where are they?

dunno... can't see 'em

Nice tank


Can't see fish = FAIL

Eh - next angel tank I do will have a white background and an un twistable stomach!

...i'm back on the coffee.

I shouldn't be back on the coffee.

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YOU'RE ALL MAD (however I had toyed with a moss scape)

YES! the next incarnation of this tank (when I rebuild the sorority and angel tank) I will make me a moss wall - dark green background is better than black on black)

However, I'm totally melbourne just right now with a black angel black background blaquascape.

You realize that the positive reinforcement for stupid DIY projects is only incentive for me to take more crappy iPhone photos and harass y'all with DIY projects.

Not informative, forget that - I'm all about the entertains.


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No No You've got it all wrong, THEY FASHION FISHUN


anyway - so pretty, got a real camera on it.... forgive the state of the fish - that's the reason they're in here - this is a hospital tank.


Below is lacey looking average but working the camera:


This is buffy - from Neffy - extreme closeup - he's a piggy and is at the bottom of the pecking horder


This is the really big one. As yet unnamed, goes by "the big one"


Shyest, meanest.

Shot with flash:


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