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  1. Finally getting to set up my only remaining fish tank. No fish yet, just plants, but I'm excited. Fish in a few weeks I hope.

    1. melbournebetta


      What flavor of fish? So happy to hear you're back in the game!

  2. Why do all my fish decide the day I want to do a water change is the best day to lay eggs...

  3. I'm baaaack!!! Returned from the overseas trip & all my adult fish seem to have survived (lost a few fry, but that doesn't surprise me).

  4. I'm baaaack!!! Returned from the overseas trip & all my adult fish seem to have survived (lost a few fry, but that doesn't surprise me).

    1. melbournebetta



  5. It's always good to have extra Adam's around, I hear they're all very smart, good looking and charming.... Welcome!!! Let me be the first to say.... Show us ya fish!!! (We love a good photo around here)
  6. I think the oven trick is similar to the boiling in terms of killing nasties isn't it? I guess the difference is that unless you have industrial sized pots & pans you can fit larger pieces of wood in the oven. The advantage with boiling is you don't dry out the wood in the process. On a side note, I have small amounts of planaria in most of my tanks. It used to bother me, but it doesn't seem to worry the fish so I stopped paying attention unless it gets to a point where they're bothering me or them.
  7. Now now girls... size isn't important remember... That's very exciting about the new tank (potential divorce notwithstanding). Can't wait to see photos of what you do with it!!!
  8. Great to have another Sydney member on board!!
  9. What a nice little lovefest this page turned out to be. Love youse all!! :bighug:
  10. Love is in the air in my fish room this morning...

    1. lildeb


      sooooo.... spawn?????

  11. Yeah it's Amazonia. Expensive, but it sure does work. That Blyxa is insane, it started with half a dozen healthy, but small, pieces and within a fortnight, Blyxa jungle. I swear it's the Amazonia, I've never been able to grow it in my community tank (that's just gravel & Dino dung (it was setup so long ago aquasoils didn't exist in Australia as far as I know). If I can keep a few fry alive I think they'll definitely be good parents to future generations, from everything I've read rams are renowned for being poor parents due to too many years of farmed breeding & removing fry from t
  12. It's a bit tough to see what we're looking at, but is it that brown diatom algae? http://www.aquariumslife.com/headline/brown-diatom-algae-control/
  13. Thanks Tracey. The fry seem to be doing well. I've been feeding them infusoria & vinegar eels & just starting them on microworms & baby brine shrimp today. They're hungry little buggers, which is a good sign. The poor parents can't keep them all together though. They have a group of about 150 together then throughout the rest of the tank there are heaps scattered around doing their own thing. They try to collect them up, but there's just way too many to find them all amongst the jungle.
  14. Ahhh Ness... you always amuse. (but don't let it go to your head )
  15. I've not bred these before, but from what I've read they should be a few months growing. In theory they should be able to stay with the parents & the parents should continue to care for them for a while, but it can vary from fish to fish so we'll have to see how they go. I have my fingers crossed.
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