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  1. Finally getting to set up my only remaining fish tank. No fish yet, just plants, but I'm excited. Fish in a few weeks I hope.

    1. melbournebetta


      What flavor of fish? So happy to hear you're back in the game!

  2. I'd have thought mouth fungus, I lost a few girls to that once, but it does look like a solid lump.
  3. Why do all my fish decide the day I want to do a water change is the best day to lay eggs...

  4. Sadly he isn't. He lasted about ten days, so we're getting better but still not quite there yet. One day he'll get there.
  5. Nice looking fish there! I don't have much experience with breeding these, I've only had mine a few months and although they've spawned a handful of times he's yet to hold past a few days (although he's still holding at the moment). But I'd suggest the most important thing with breeding is patience (which I think is the case for any fish). They won't do anything on your schedule, only on their own and if you're impatient and keep trying new things to entice them to spawn you may be just interrupting them from getting there on their own time. I find the best way is to get the water parameters right, feed well and leave them alone as much as possible. And good luck!!! It sounds like they've got a good setup to live in.
  6. Thanks team. Yeah it's his third or fourth mouthful that I'm aware of. Could be others that I missed. The pH of the water is sitting a bit high at the moment, so it may not be a good time for him to have a mouthful, but we'll see what happens.
  7. I was getting to do a water change for the first time since getting back from holiday last week & Mr Mac is holding a mouthful of eggs. Couldn't be more than a couple of days old. I last looked carefully for him on Friday (over the weekend I just kind of threw in food in a hurry). So much for the overdue water change. I wonder how long he'll hold them for this time.
  8. I'm baaaack!!! Returned from the overseas trip & all my adult fish seem to have survived (lost a few fry, but that doesn't surprise me).

    1. melbournebetta



  9. I'm baaaack!!! Returned from the overseas trip & all my adult fish seem to have survived (lost a few fry, but that doesn't surprise me).

  10. If I'm back from my trip when you decide to go ahead I'll get my butt along.
  11. And the boy is no longer holding. It's an improvement on the first time, so I'm hopeful that by the time I get back from overseas he might be practiced enough that he'll be getting close to holding full term for any future spawns.
  12. Sorry Les, the girl was no longer holding this morning, so no video. Boy was still holding though.
  13. I've not heard of these black Channoides, I'll have to check it out. There is definitely some variation in light & dark in the smaller fry, but as they grow they all appear the regular Channoides colouring. I think any light or dark colouring in the fry is just the same sort of variation that can be observed in the adults, the same fish could be quite pale in the morning, but dark or brightly coloured several hours later. Ps I busted a pair of the older fry wrapping today. I think it's definitely time to move a few out of the growout tank. Don't suppose you can show us the link to the page with the black Channoides Les? My google skills don't seem to good enough to find it.
  14. I'll see if I can get a video in the morning, all the lights are out now. I did a bit of googling tonight & managed to find one mention of this sort of behaviour online. The site I found said that sometimes the females will hold on to any eggs that the male can't fit in his mouth, but they usually don't hold them through the first night. I don't know how accurate that is, but it does kinda make sense. My girl obviously did hold them through the first night. Will have to see what she looks like in the morning.
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