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Jewel Box Confusion...


Gender Confusion...  

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The mystery of the jewel box continues. One of my girls (Lady X) seems to be slowly sprouting. Is she a long finned female or a late blooming boy. Keep in mind the parents were veiltail x plakat. This is driving me crazy. What are your thoughts? Boy or Girl???








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Flaring/aggressive to male. Flaring doing the male like "dance" that they do to entice a female. I have her/him uncarded next to a female with a piece of almond leaf floating on top. Let's see if there is a nest there tomorrow. The fins are all noticeably larger than they were last week when I moved her to the other barracks with some sibling females...

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If her fins are growing longer I'm going to say boy it's always been the case for me females fins don't grow at a rate we can notice only over time

On that picture f her currently I would also say a boy, just my opinion :)

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