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  1. Never mind. While trying to get a photo I spotted the eggs in her mouth!
  2. I was given a male peacock cichlid and I decided to get a few females to keep him company. I think one of the females may be holding eggs but I'm not sure. If I can get a pic and post it can anyone help me? Thanks :)
  3. After some research I have found out Rocko is a male. I have discovered these guys are better of being hand fed so I often have to count to make sure I still have 10 fingers after he mistakes them for his food. I was a little worried yesterday when he was just sitting at the top but he seems ok again today so all good. He keeps us entertained :)
  4. Thanks all. Got it out today. I had my eldest son hold the hairdryer while I tried to scrape it out. This got a little more out than I already but not much. It was only the front side that was still stuck so I turned it onto its front and poured nail polish remover along the join. Let it soak for a few minutes, gave it a wiggle and out it came. It took a little of the bottom silicone with it but there is still silicone along the join. I wiped out the nail polish, rinsed the tank quite a few times and set it up. I now have one happy axolotl swimming around in an 80L tank instead of a 20L (wh
  5. Hmmm, I'm thinking this is not going to be easy. There is only one of me so that puts out the 2 people solution. I was hoping to get it loose enough that it would kind of pull out.
  6. I have a divided tank which I am trying to take the divider out of. I have managed to remove the silicon from the back and most of the bottom of the divider but the front and the rest of the bottom are wedge right against the tank glass. I was able to get a knife blade in to loosen the other bits but trying to get a knife into the bits that are still stuck is chipping the glass. I have just read that heating the silicon makes it easier to remove but I am wondering if this will work if I can't get anything in there to scrape it off? I can move the back end of the glass slightly but I don't w
  7. Kids have been nagging for over a year (probaby closer to 2) for another one and saw these almost half price at a not-so-lps. The issue had always been that my son wanted a yellow one and I wanted a black so we have compromised and got white After much discussion they agreed on the name Rocko. The were each coming up with names and we were going to vote on a couple of them. Some of the ideas were Frankenstein, Drop Dead Fred which was shortened to Freddie, William, Mr Freckle. Then one of them looked in the bag and he looked like he was dancing so they called him Rocko. We live in the Rocking
  8. I love the white and red one! I want one :D
  9. Wow. I'll put one of them on my list for when I make my first million! LOL
  10. Thanks. Do they usually grow that big? Has anyone kept them around long enough to find out? :-D
  11. He arrived in some plants I bought about 2 years ago when he was about half the size of my little fingernail. He has lived with my goldfish ever since. I moved him into my fry tank a couple of weeks ago and apparently he didn't appreciate the move. Found him dead on the bottom tonight :(
  12. The almost black ones as well as 3 brown bn and 2 albino. Tank is slightly overstocked so am trying to work out if I should move some to another tank or get rid of all the tetras in there. Decisions decisions!
  13. Thanks Les. The shed I was going to use is more of a workshop than a shed. It has 2 windows that can be used for ventilation and is cemented in so I wouldn't be able to raise it off the ground. I was going to move my current spawn out there so I can start another one inside. I have only been here since January and can't remember how hot it got out there last summer so I might have to wait and see. Or I could move this one out there for a couple of months until they are big enough to rehome and keep the new one inside during the hotter months. Might have to think about this some more :-D
  14. Hey Les Do you plan on insulating the fish room at all? I am considering moving some of my fish out to my shed but wasn't sure about the heat in summer being too much. Also, if you are looking for new tanks, I found a guy on Gumtree that I think is closer to my end of town than yours, but he can custom make tanks. The few he had on Gumtree were just the usual rectangle 3ft/4ft/5ft tanks but they seemed very reasonably priced for a new tank. Good luck with the rest of your building :)
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