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I picked up this cute boy from the LFS & was curious as to what he may be. The whole spawn was in the tank togther (they were still quite young) & he was the only white one.



& I was hoping to spawn him to this snow white delta. I did have a white delta to spawn her with but he turned out to be a big dud! TSTB!


Also, I know we've all tried bubble wrap & polystyrene cups cut in half to hold bubble nests together, but has anyone tried this? It was suggested to me by someone who used to breed bettas & thought it was well worth a go. A couple of different sized holes cut out so he can pick which one he wants to use.


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Looks a decent young fella there... should be a good mate for the girl you have when he grows up. :rofl:

Re the styrofoam with holes cut out - not sure they need holes - with bubble wrap they build under and around it easily. Bubble wrap is easy to clean and pretty inert as far as I know. The other good thing about bubble wrap is that you can partially see through it and light gets through easily as well.

(the chemicals used in styrofoam are pretty toxic too unless you are using stuff that is food safe or had time to lose that horrible smell of fresh styrofoam - watch out little beads of it don't break off and get eaten by the fish too - it will choke them easily)

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ive always found bubble wrap to be the preference when I have bred (which was a while ago)

I normally put a variety so the male can choose but they have always chosen the bubblewrap. (whether he just thinks he can be lazy cause their's "bubbles" there already or not lol :lol:)

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nice boy you have, another good find :lol:

ive not used that with 3 holes but i have with two he and still made his nest on the other side of the tank :lol:

bubble wrap didnt work for me nor did the half cup so i was leaving him to find his own spot for his nest that was untill i started using this



the top of a coke bottle id cut up to make a chimeny for the girl, i have cut it on an angle so that it sits just in the water and i hold it in place with a bit of wire wraped around the neck and hooked over the side of the tank

. i have found that all my boys prefer this to styrofome ( have not had any bubble wrap to test with )

. creates a miny climate that you can adjust by how tight you do up the cap

. haveing a lid on the tank to keep in the humidity will not break up the nest

. and you can also see through it

i have even had a sucsess using this with a fish i could not get to breed before

sorry about the bad pics ive broke my camra <_<

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That looks like a great idea, dracon! I'll stick with bubble wrap because it works, but I love your idea, it's brilliant. Do you do anything with the edge of the plastic so the bettas can't cut themselves on it, eg wrap sliced airline tubing around the cut off edge?

Holly, I think he is a platinum SD (but 'marble' comes to mind as a possibility, based on the marks on his dorsal). Give them a go, you'll probably get lovely white babies. :lol:

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In nature Bettas often build their nests under a leaf etc.

This helps disguise the nest from predators,protects it from wind and rain damage and helps hold it together.

That is why these materials are often selected by the male.

Makes sense eh?

Beautiful fish BTW!! :lol:

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Thanks for your tips everyone. The method I had the most success with was bubblewrap but I had 2 problems with this:

1. They got lazy because there was already "bubbles" there

2. The bubblewrap moved around even with minimal water surface movement

So I thought I'd give this a go until Wayne suggested it maybe poisonous(?). But I went home & he had built a nest under the foam (not in any of the 3 holes! lol), so I thought I'd just leave him. I didn't have the heart to destroy it.

Would you also believe the male spawn mate I had for the white delta girl (who turned out to be a complete dud!), won the first prize in the judging competion at the Melbourne Betta Gathering??? Just my luck! :P

Lyrical, I've only been to Boronia Aquarium.

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