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  1. It was working last night, and then all of a sudden it was sending me back to the forum when I clicked send
  2. Is that you Brooke? If so WELCOME! (lacy) umm if its not, then WELCOME!! hahalacy
  3. That looks awesome!! how exactly did you put it together?
  4. G'day Miz! It is always great to have another Betta Enthusiast on board!
  5. Scrappy

    Fancy Guppy

    Hey mate, check out LFS (In bris, someone has a youtube page where she sells her fancy guppies and beta's and ships... http://www.youtube.com/user/Fishchick65 That's all I know lol... but someone will definitely be able to help you from Sydney :)/>
  6. Reading up on the Genetics... Has gone WAAAYYY over my head lol

  7. -Sigh- bloody SBD!

  8. -Sigh- bloody SBD!

  9. Hey Kirsten, I'm not a Prof on algae, I know it can have something to do with bacteria etc in the water.. but have you tried snails? apple snails are good on their own, or even a couple (you just have to get rid of the eggs they lay above the water line or you'll have a bajillion in no time!) some other species of snail procreate on their own..
  10. Excited for the Q.A.F.S Super Auction, just wish I lived closer..

  11. Excited for the Q.A.F.S Super Auction, just wish I lived closer..

  12. Good luck mate!! show us some pics and a rundown on how you did it if you have time throughout the process!
  13. Looks awesome! Do you keep anything in the pond? I wouldnt know about the frog.. looks a lil fake, but a lil real at the same time haha
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