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  1. It was working last night, and then all of a sudden it was sending me back to the forum when I clicked send
  2. Scrappy

    Fin Rot, and?

    Unfortunately no, she passed away the day before yesterday.. It had looked to be getting worse again though.. Thanks for all your help guys..
  3. Scrappy

    Fin Rot, and?

    Gday guys, Thought I had better update on my Blue HM girly. Ive been speaking with my LFS owner, who has bred, kept and owned many species of fish for more then a decade and whom I trust totally. I was treating with Tetracycline, IAL, Aq Salt and daily 75% water changes. As I said before I spoke to my LFS and told him about Yan's idea and he suggested I use Betadine (not the ointment), and has told me how he has used it many times on his fish for bacterial infections. He also has a link here on QLDAF which describes how to do it- http://www.qldaf.com/forums/help-fish-health-diseases-water-quality-12/how-use-betadine-fish-pics-47330/ This has helped- whereas the infection/melt/growth has stopped but hasnt gone one or the other, and so he suggested to stop the Tetracycline and continue to treat with betadine. So its moreso just wait and see which way it decides to go. Im stuck as to what to do, and where to go next.. I uploaded a recent video- I know its not the best very sorry, all I have is my phone- but it just kind of shows how the dorsal has clumped together and grown into the body at the front, leaving the end & back part still normal. The different color in the scales is apart of the infection as well... :/ Pictures Video
  4. Is that you Brooke? If so WELCOME! (lacy) umm if its not, then WELCOME!! hahalacy
  5. Scrappy

    Fin Rot, and?

    Thanks yan! I've been doing a 50% water change and dosing the tri sulfur every day (well up to day 2) I will definitely give that a shot.. I'll finish off this one tablet of tri sulfur (I had cut it into 4 because of the smaller tank-10L) and will try that method next... Thank you again!!
  6. That looks awesome!! how exactly did you put it together?
  7. Scrappy

    Fin Rot, and?

    Right thanks razzi.. Should I just do a 50% change everyday? my LFS also gave me some blackwater extract?
  8. Scrappy

    Fin Rot, and?

    Just a question, to make sure I haven't done it wrong. When I treated with Tetracycline, I had 20L of water already ready with IAL, Salt, Tetracycline -& heated and used that every day to change the water with. Is this okay? or does the Tetracycline wear out after a period of time? I am going to purchase some Tri-Sulfur tomorrow, should I treat with just the tri-sulphur by itself and see how it goes- or can I try and knock it on the head with a mix of tri-sulphur and Tetracycline? Thanks for your help guys
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