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  1. no l didnt they only had the normal type of females that they sell in aquariums and pet shops.......I dont know anyone who has any
  2. Here is my new boy I bought him from "Blackburn Aquarium " in victoria ...his a white short tail siamese fighter.Also I apologise for the tv volume being so high ...I didnt realise http://s223.photobucket.com/albums/dd73/Lissau/?action=view&current=Snowy.mp4
  3. I posted about these last weekend steven up in general discussions.......they were $125 and the light and other things were extras on top of the $125................then you need to fill it with fish and decroations.....if you saw them at coburg you should know what you can put in them they had them set up with fish in them
  4. his just beautiful ...call him " Mick Jagger"
  5. ((((((((((leanne))))))))) where have you been hiding
  6. If you want him to grow to adult size he should be eating Beefheart
  7. One day out of the blue there was amassive ammonia spike and it burnt the eyes of my discus outand they slwly died after the space of a mth ....2 yrs of no problems what so ever and bamm all 3 discus dead in 1 mth..... it broke my heart and as each fish died .. l buried them in a plant pot otuside and apologised to them. As l said it broke my heart it still does now. I really want some more but not right now. And they are so smart, they could see my refrigerator from the tank and the freezer and they knew when l opened the freezer door that dinner was coming and they would swim to the front r
  8. The reason why your Discus may not be eating is because they are fish that prefer to be in a colony of at least of 3 or more discus . They do not do very well as solitary fish and need a tank of at least 4 ft or larger. As for cardinals /Neons tetras they are apart of a discus menu in the wild. You need to get at least 1 more if not 2 more discus to make sure his happy and feels secure . Hope you enjoy your discus his a beauty . below is a pic of the discus l had for 2 yrs . http://i223.photobucket.com/albums/dd73/Li...TankRescape.jpg
  9. M T Syndrome did you post this same topic on fishlore???????
  10. ROFL !!!! Nina l told you didnt l ....Coburg is great lolol and very dangerous to the credit card
  11. I've got one of those tanks l took the lid off and took the filter out and put a small world air driven filter in the tank it sticks to the wall of the tank and l've got my mustard gas crowntail in there and l havent heard any complaints from him he seems very happy even eats food out of my hand.l put an aquarium divider on top of the tank and l've got a desk lamp standing above it.
  12. I cannot afford pt spend anymore than $100 to $110 this money came from the stimulus package which l didnt get its from my husbands cheque .....I'masking for help on how to do this for that price ................l wanted advise about the product
  13. I was in a LFS today and l came across a basic Co2 kit made by " red sea" and its called "Turbo Co2 Bio System" for $99........ came with everything l need to set the tank up for Co2 production it comes with 1 months supply of the stuff l need to generate Co2 but on the box it says l need to keep buying that product to keep the system going...but l was wondering because its $24.99 a bottle for 1 mths supply. Do l need to keep buying that or can l use my own reicpe of sugar and yeast to keep Co2 being produced........we cant really afford to add anymore monthly bills to our finanical status at
  14. Ok l decided to call him "Topaz" and l got some more pics of him l hope these are ok ...some are reflected in the mirror beside the tank ....because the the tank is hexagonal so it was hard to get a front on shot. Topaz Pics More Pics
  15. thanks everyone ............it wasnt Boronia Aquarium. l got him at Boronia Reptile and Aquarium on boronia road right near video ezy..................He is just so beautiful...l've asked Scott at the LFS to see if he can get me a female for him ..l've got to try breeding him
  16. Not rude bubbzy.... he was $49..he was in my LFS here in Boronia.. and that would be the St Kilda Aquarium l was in there last tuesday...bought a bright red crowntail in there............and they've got beautiful halfmoons..l just didnt have the money when l was there..
  17. I wandered into my LFS today to buy some Vallisinera and food and fell in love with this boy l just couldnt resist him ..his so Beautiful..the description said " Marble blue halfmoon" let me know what you guys think ..... Marble Blue Halfmoon
  18. Awww Leanne they sound so beautiful you lucky thing ...Discus are just so majestic and smart and beautiful .l've got mine eating frozen food from my fingers so beautiful
  19. WOW!!! Leanne you hit the jackpot there roflolmao !!! Cant wait to see their pics !! Lisa
  20. Here Ya go Genghis a full tank shot ..its nothing spectacular ...lyrical
  21. I just wanted to post some updated pics of my 3 beauties.........My 3 Patterned Pidgoen Blood discus ....lyrical (Lisa)
  22. I just wanted to post some updated pics of my 3 beauties.........My 3 Patterned Pidgoen Blood discus ....lyrical (Lisa)
  23. Congratulations on the birth of Cooper ............just wanted to say my husband is number 6 of 7 boys ..ROFLOLMAO !!! My motherinlaw was in labour and in the delivery room when they told her she was having twins .............and she already had 5 sons at home .............roflolmao
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