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  1. Shadoh,that fish is one of my favourite guppies of all time.Pretty sure it was bred by Karen Koomans. If it makes you feel less obsessed,I have 12 strains someone brought in for me........and I want more.

    I hope you have a great day. :)

  3. Simon,I would have thought that was an odd thing to say....except it happened with my Medusas! Thought I was imagining it since the tanks sit next to each other and have the same equipment,water changes etc! I have never heard or read of this before and I know you are meticulous in the way you keep your tanks. On top of that,I have hundreds of Platinum Bluegrass Swallows,but no Redgrass yet!I find the Bluegrass difficult to photograph,but here are some pics anyway...the colour is much brighter in real life. If you click the pics you can see a bigger image as well as another 500 photos.
  4. You still need to know what plants to buy Darl. Here is a link to a few short articles I wrote for Aquaristic....hope they help http://aquaristic.com.au/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=82&Itemid=89
  5. The fish on Aquabid are bred by highly motivated experts.Anyone who wants a particular fish will understand why they fetch good prices....they are expensive to produce.
  6. Thanks for the kind remarks guys. @Matt....if you mean the ones with half black bodies and purple at the front,they are Pandas. The Endler crosses are the result of Magenta and Metal crosses. AR
  7. Here are some recent pics from my tanks.These are fry from the fabulous fish sent by someone as well as some of my own fish. Hope you enjoyed AR A few more Hope they worked AR
  8. Hi Les. Since Anubias are Aroids,I would suggest the same media as used for Spathiphyllums.
  9. I am usually reluctant to post photos of where and how I live since I lose credibility with each photo. Today I feel a little outgoing so here I go I'm having a go with Coral Just got this fab floating grass...see the guppies? Loving Jodis' Platinum Swallows ] My new kitten...Squishy Obviously a madman. Soon I'll get some pics of my fishroom
  10. Something made me wonder if you give them live or frozen food.I believe they need at least some frozen Daphnia or gut loaded Brine Shrimp but by far,Mossie Larvae is the best of all foods. At times,I have noticed a female holding back when there are other fish in the tank.I think this is because the fish hang around to eat the fry as they are born.In winter,the gestation period may increase and also if there is no live food.Make sure there is plenty of cover.Some strains seem more canabalistic with their fry I usually float lots of stem plants or hornwort in the top 5-10cm of the tank.I also
  11. Lyn,you asked some very good questions there. Here are my thoughts.Firstly,we know that someone is the most important importer in Australia and being of a scientific background with no retail bull***t,her fish will have the very best care. However they may be handled in transit,the guppies are most likely used to a diet rich in live food.Failure to continue this could be cause of most livebearer deaths in this country. I had 10 30cm cubes ready to take the trios and used a mix of tap water and water from other clean tanks at about 3 to 1.U/G filters with Quartz gravel in 3-4mm grains and a
  12. It doesn't look like worms to me either. I like the sound of the pig wormer....where would you get it?[i'm a city boy]. I use Huey Hung Superkiller when I have to.
  13. JUNGLE


    Love your coding Serkan.Great way to keep track of them. Maybe one day we'll be calling them Aphyosemion serkani. Gotta love the boys at Aquaristic eh!
  14. So that's what you were clicking away at....haha. You're a good man Mjay.
  15. JUNGLE


    I was lucky to be at Aquaristic when some wild caught killies were released from quarantine. I grabbed a scoop of each variety because,although young fish,there were patterns and colours I had not seen. Anyone into killies might want to get there soon for a look.
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