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    Back to betta's

    So this is turning in to a spawn log fry are 5 weeks old First fry is the odd one out the other fry are similar to the second with varying degrees of red wash
  2. dracon

    Back to betta's

    So out of this batch i have managed to get 4 fry that works well for me as they will all be keepers. they are just starting to coulor up all have a blue shen one has started to turn red in the fins all are growing supper fast so excited
  3. dracon

    Back to betta's

    This is the female i have spawned with fry arw now free swimming yay. What possible colours do you guys think i will get
  4. dracon

    Back to betta's

    Hi all Been awhile since i owned one but found this guy at lps and was hoping someone could tell me what colour he is. He is currently with fry cause if im jumping back in it might as well be in the deep end lol One pic without flash the other with
  5. just wanted to know wats up with the forum havent been able to find it latly ?
  6. no females just yet, still looking the LPS i got them from didnt have them priced so when i asked how much she had to call someone, when she said $6 i snaped them up there was three HM but didnt have the room for all three <_<
  7. hello all, after a bad run, horible neighbours and the need to move, iv finaly got some more betta's and here are two of them.i know their not the best pics im out of practice but will keep trying. i got this HM boy and another for $6 each and i just couldnt walk past this guy
  8. :P its not looking like i will make this one either i will be moving this week so wont have any spare money to get down there let alone buy anything and so much for forward planing the money i had saved is needed for the bond and the money i get this week will be used to do the moving. my hopes to ever make a BBG are getting smaller but time will tell something has to go right for me one of these days
  9. Force Fed water is clear its my camra but probly could do with small water change though was close with the size it just under 5ft the stand is just over *lol*
  10. :D thanxs i just realy wish i could get a better pic of it so i could submit it in the next aquascape comp mods Goody i think its just over 5 ft still needs some more work done on the stand but theres no rush lol
  11. well it took me a bit longer than id hoped for but got one in Peter no ill effects as of yet, no tannins that i can see if there is its minimal the roots sat in the wether for near six months and the bark was easy to remove after the first soak and here is what ive done with it a few days after the plants and fish went in better shot of the log and finaly what it looks like today its had a small alteration when i got some new plants
  12. i used to have a pair of blue crays when younger and within months was over run with babys good times lol. i want to get something a little more fancy later on and thought these would be good to start with sadly after i had moved it onto a new stand the tank sprung a major leak and i lost half the water onto my bedroom floor its sad cause i was really really happy with how id set it up,the crays are fine and were moved to a tank on the varander they will have to stay there untill i get the tank fixed :)
  13. having it the same day as the auctions sounds like a plan only thing is i have a realy horrible feeling i will be in the prosess of moving house lease runs out about then. if i am i will happily take the day off to make it this time lol
  14. sounds like you all had a good time not to worry guess it will teach me for not getting there
  15. hi all im after some advice on some easy to find and care for plants for my tank its looking a little empty tank does not need to look overly pretty as it is a grow out tank but it dose need something the tank is located near window and gets morning sun and if a door left open afternoon as well i dont have a good light on this tank but it is one the list as is a lot of things occupants are BN fry from three spawns that range from a month to 1 week olds and two boys a HM and PK ( that got moved when we had some cold wether ) i like the log with the plants in front but think it needs some thing behind it that runs towords the other side any sugestions welcome
  16. hi all i spent a few weeks at my sisters to help babysit while she was in hopital with number 5 and while i was there i cought myself 6 red claws they range in size the smallest is 5-6 cm and the largest is 7-8 cm and now they have settled thought i would share them with you the tank is nothing fancy but i think it works with the plastic plants i had sitting in around
  17. hope you all have a great day tomorrow and get what your after at the auctions cheaply so you can get lots more lol that will only work if your the only one who brings a camra :lookaround:
  18. :sad: it does not look like i will be making it anymore my car has stoped working and i will have to use the money i had saved to fix it i was really looking forward to this but i guess there is always next time can i ask one favor lots and lots of :photo:
  19. i will be coming from Kingaroy, its not finding the car park that i will have trouble with ( although with us all meating there it could get fun finding a spot) its making sure i dont get lost on the way there or home
  20. checking out someone's shop is a must do for all who live or pass through the area i just hope the nav man can get me there ive never had to drive myself there so not 100% on directions could be fun with the auctions how much cash would one normaly need if they where wanting to get a few fish etc
  21. the rocks in the last pic look like petrified wood have no idea where to get it or what it would cost
  22. i will be trying my hardest to go but it falls on a off week but that shouldnt stop me from treating myself to a new fish or two :lol:
  23. dracon

    BN spawn

    no they had them in a tube stock pot, i didnt know they had spawned untill after i had pulled the tank down was just about to empty the water out of the tank when i found them so the male, plants and pot all went back in. after that the male kept moveing them around the tank he put them back in the pot the night they hatched
  24. just an update this little girl is a boy coming from a pk spawn i should not of rushed the sexing so i guess i wont be crossing back to its father anyway here is a new pic for you all
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