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  1. awww.....I love Marbles. I think they're full of surprises as many of us have found out in the past Mr Moon. Thats really cute
  2. Wow Bender, they look beautiful Congrats :)
  3. thanks guys Well, I manages to find the barracks at amazing amazon. They happened to have an older style one there for sale at the moment for those who are interested. Yep, its just an aqua one one. I'd recommend one as long as you test the pump before hand as I know some pumps with these can be faulty or a little fidgety. Thanks for all your interest
  4. I'm also loving Eb He is just plain gorgeous *drool* The last new boy, having a looksie at his pictures only, not knowing his personality, maybe his name could be Kahn? He looks cute and mean at the same time. Hope you like my suggestion :)
  5. thanks Lilli Yep, I've already carded them so they can't see each other. I had some spare sheets of black foam in between the containers so the boys can get all terrtorial and flare when i excercise them Fergis: Umm, yep, all up including filter media and everything I paid a good $240.00 its not a bad little set up so I'm really happy with it.
  6. aww.....He is a lovely little cutie Good, to see another person willing to travel with their pets Makes me very happy :)
  7. thanks Brad! I will definately do that next time, ie: the next phase (phase 2). I just got so damn excited about seeing it all set up Well, I hope you enjoyed :fyi:
  8. Wow. They are completely stunning Marianne I can't wait to see the results of the spawn :)
  9. Just thought you guys would like an update in regards to how my fighter set up is going so here we are: The tank is really plain jane at the moment but much much more to be added in the future: Width The Side with one of my girls Another One I also purchased 3 bristlenose 1 peppie, 2 standard bristle nose Now, my boys I have just spent hours setting this up. I know its only a small starter barracks but I'm really prooud of it I hope you all like I tried to get more pics of the males but as you can see below.....too much glare
  10. I have my fully grown albino boy in a 5 foot tank with a port acara, some pictus catfish a pearl horseface. He really loves the room. What are the exact dimensions of the tank? If its really and I mean really wide you should be fine. If its something like 120 litres than unfortunately I wouldn't recommend it, I've seen them in smaller but, they aren't happy and its really obvious. :)
  11. Umm, I had 2 small honey gouramis together, 1 male and one female, they kept well together. The only thing I would suggest is that gouramis don't take too well to currents so definately look at another filter Hope this helps
  12. thanks guys! Nope, I didn't breed him but I do adore him thanks for the comments they're appreciated :)
  13. yes, I did e-mail her about them. I will go through my e-mails again and check again just to be doubly sure
  14. Well, I just wanted to show off my new puppy baby discus. My partner decided to surprise me knowing that I wanted a pure white Discus and got him for me today. He has settled in really quickly and loves the camera, he literally started posing for me, it was great! He is aptly named Snowy and I love him to bits here are a couple of pics: A close up, please mind the glare in his eyes from the flash *sigh* damn phone cameras! One of my little man with a female fighter and cambodian female Some of my new plants in one of my 3 foot tanks Hope you all like
  15. hehe! Wow! What an amazing adventure for those little guys! :notsure:
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