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Fish In A Twist


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I am so in love with this shoot..... LOOK AT THAT! .. if you look closer - notice the white patch on Eric's tail? - There's the Egg's!!!


and look - here is all the egg's falling from Eric's tail (and still falling from Mum)


11 egg's from that one cuddel haha :D

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Hey Betta Breeder ...

I'm a lucky girl and have a Digital SLR with a macro lens... also lucky in the fact that I've been to tafe and done photography as well so I know a little about how to use my camera ;)

I must admit that for the most part the photos I got where 'bad' as i was to distracted watching the fish then to fuss about with the camera's settings .. it was also pretty dark so had to manual focus which I find a pain hehe ;)

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