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  1. Hi Masone, I'm in Cairns too. I've bred bettas in the past, got out of fish all together for a while but am now back into it! Currently have 5 male and 2 female HMPK's and am looking for some more females. Do you have any pics of your fish? Jess
  2. Hi Danny, Welcome to the forum, I haven't been on here for ages. How are your fish doing? Jess
  3. Welcome Jennifer - I'm from Cairns :)
  4. I don't feed my BN beef, are you looking for something to feed them generally? They love zuchini and mushroom. I was under the impression they got bloat if they ate too much protein.
  5. I was told to use mushroom, I put it in today and it's being munched on like the zuchini :D
  6. Thanks Yan I will, do you know why this is?
  7. So on my search for some black substrate, without spending hundreds! Someone told me to go to a pool shop.. So I walked in there, asked for some black pebbles... $28/20kg. Hell yeah! Was going to cost me about $100++ for gravel from pet/aquarium shops. So will be doing that this weekend. I have also realised we have a silk plant shop in the city centre, my friend bought this big fern for his tank for $20, instead of the insane prices you pay at LFS.. So keep an eye out for an update after next weekend. Will also be re-arranging/Re-scaping my shrimp tank YAY
  8. Haha you're very keen saying you will answer questions! Mine would be, should I start stocking up now!!? Anyway Cam, welcome to the forum Everyone is really nice and as you can probably see there is information on almost everything on here! I'll see you around. Ps I like your username jess
  9. Hey Roy welcome! This forum has some really great people and such a rich source of information. Just so you know we love to see photos of your fish See you round the forum :P
  10. So this is the new setup baby angels, koi parents older babies - corys and angels (tank needs a clean) platinum breeding pair
  11. Thanks Neffy Here's some more (I have lots to share!) These are DT's that I've found at LFS's. The male was being sold as a female and tiny, but I noticed his ventrals were long for a female and I also have my Arctic pair getting ready to spawn. I'm a bit scared to let her out, she's pretty agressive! So my partner Dave is a boilermaker by trade, and he's welded us up some new stands as we've got a colony of L168's, some Longfin BN, marbles, plecs etc. Also trying to breed Angels, and corys. More in the way of, lets see what we can do, rather than.. lets breed! (if that makes se
  12. Thought i'd post some photos of out set up and fishies at this current time, it's been a while! Got kinda slack for a bit, and have just gotten back into it again, breeding that is. I know how much everyone likes photos so I thought I'd post away This is my new boy that I bought from Mihaela and his current sexual interest as is this one - Dusty and his mate please bump me so i can upload some more pics :)
  13. New breeding tank stands in place, not to get the tanks set up and breeeeeding :)

    1. Neffy
    2. bewarebrunette


      Thanks Neffy, will have to post some piccies!

    3. Sarah


      Yes everyone loves pictures.

      Good luck! :D

  14. Welcome Tas! Wow I think you'll be giving some of us info!
  15. uh oh, is it just be or is facebook down?

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    2. Yanagi


      I haven't had a problem with it at all.

    3. fishish


      its working for me but was having issues with it earlier today.

    4. bewarebrunette


      I think it was making changes to the chat

  16. Oh he's divine! I have often seen usual colours on aquabid and thought.. if only I had the money!
  17. Yeah Dusty is really nice. I'd have a perfect female to breed to him. Shame you're leaving otherwise I'd lend her to you to have a go at breeding them! I'd buy dusty from you if you're thinking of selling. , or another yellow one. Do you mind if I come and have a look at some sometime? Possibly this weekend?
  18. Welcome Sounds like you have the bug! One tank, two tanks, three tanks, four... five tanks, six tanks, seven... then you just stop counting Enjoy the forum, great people and a wealth of information here!
  19. Hey Mihaela, i'd be interested in purchasing some off you How many do you have to sell? Do you have any dragons? jess
  20. It's pretty crazy hey, how they can change!
  21. It's not too bad of a drive, (driven from here to melb a few times) but yeah long drive for fish I like your theory!! I'm sure it can be done, but with how much money, i'm not sure.
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