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Guppy lays waste to Big Fish


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Proof that we don't, always, need to spend countless frustrating hours breeding and re-breeding our favourite species in order to make the headlines.

I particularly like the last paragraph...classic!

Guppy beats bigger fish to Caboolture Show prize

By Robyn Ironside

June 11, 2008 12:00am

A GUPPY has conquered much bigger fish to be named "grand champion" at the Caboolture Show, to the surprise of its owner and the dismay of other breeders.

Leichardt enthusiast John Newman said he thought one of his fish might be a shot, but the 3cm guppy was a surprise winner.

"I wasn't expecting a guppy to get it. I had some nice African cichlids, some catfish and goldfish. The cichlid was a personal favourite but I'm happy with the result," Mr Newman said.

But others involved in the show were not so impressed, calling the result a "joke".

"It's not what you know, it's who you know. This just proves it," said one disgruntled competitor who asked not to be named.

Jason Burr, from The Ultimate Aquarium at Morayfield, agreed the outcome was "an absolute laugh". "You know what we use guppies for? Feeding other fish," he said.

But senior judge Bill Smith dismissed any suggestion of "fish politics" and said

the prize-winning fish was a "really beautiful guppy that deserved to win".

The guppy might be a champion but it doesn't have a name and Mr Newman is keen for Courier-Mail readers to suggest one for his tiny star.

Queensland Aquarium Hobbyists president Patrik Berger said the fish were judged on a range of criteria.

"The guppy was a good guppy. There were other fish that scored well, about six or seven got over 170 out of a maximum 200 points, but the guppy came out on top," Mr Berger said. For the record, the guppy scored 180 points.

Chief steward of the aquarium exhibit at the Caboolture Show, Cary Bielenberg, said it was the first time to his knowledge that a guppy had taken out top prize.

"It surprised me but by the same token it was worthy. It was a nice colour, it had good fins," said Mr Bielenberg, who had entered his own African cichlids. After hooking Caboolture grand champion, Mr Newman plans to take his star guppy to the RNA show in August.

Darren Leighton from Aquariums R US said there was no reason a guppy could not win that as well: "A few years ago a 4cm lemon tetra took out top prize at the RNA. Its owner bought it from a shop on the way there for $3."



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That is pretty funny

The ppl b!tch!ng about the result are clearly pretty small-minded though. Was the competition for the biggest fish?... no

it was for the fish that was closest to standards. I don't want to say "typical cichlid keepers" because I don't really believe in that stereotype and I keep cichlids myself... but it did come to mind.

Wonder what the guppy looked like

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It's a stunning Half Black Red. Very clear separation of colours. It looks to have pretty good form as well. It's a very good looking guppy. Not sure the same can be said about the owner. :D

I'm amused it made the papers. Fish aren't even included in the Royal Melbourne Show.

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Great story, we will be trying for the best Tropical at the Adelaide Royal Show this year. Show Schedule's came out a couple of weeks ago. If anything though we will be trying to increase the interest in Half Moon Bettas. The Adelaide show is a hard one for small fish. We set up from the 30th August - 3rd September the fish classes are judged on Thursday the 4th they have to remain on display till show closes and removed on Sunday 14th September.

last time we took fish to the Adelaide Show a last minute entry from a person my wife met online won the champion Tropical with a Betta so it has happened before. The SA Aquarium Society is asking for owner bred fish only from members. The Show society however welcomes any exhibits.

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don't know where they get their info though...

Darren Leighton from Aquariums R US said..."A few years ago a 4cm lemon tetra took out top prize at the RNA. Its owner bought it from a shop on the way there for $3."

considering Mr Leighton wasn't a competitor, and neither the RNA chief steward, nor several other QFAS judges, could remember a lemon tetra even winning a class, much less taking out Champion.

J :unsure:

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They're probably pulling the info out of you know where someone. Newspapers fabricating details? Impossible :unsure:

Politics are in all types of competition, I got sick of the nastiness and behind the back b*tching of cattle showing so I stopped. Must admit fish are a lot easier, no need to spend several weeks getting food right, hours clipping and washing and waking up at 5am to get things ready for the 9am starting time.

Anyway, good on the little guppy!

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What a nice looking little fish ............. such an intense colour...........for such a small fish he seems to have sent a few ripples around the tank :). This sort of bitching & bagging is what drives people away from sport, shows and showing and worst of all it's just plain bad manners from the losers. I thought thats what showing was for to look for the best and to have something to aspire toward......... :D


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