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  1. Filters, sorry I have a preferance to power filters for aquariums in the 900 - 1200 mm length. The two leading brands are Ehiem and Fluval, both have adjustable flow control to cater for different spiecies that may inhabit an aquarium over a lifetime of use. Given that there are times when we want to keep different fish an increased water flow for slender fish such as Angel fish and a reduced flow for wider bodied speices. If I were to enbark on breeding Guppies I would probably use 600mm aquariums with air filters. This is because of the shape of guppies and the way they tend to get blaste
  2. Thanks for that Lilli, I had been using a system generated PW. I changed my email as soon as the inernet came to life at the new house. This computer was in a shipping container 19 days then we had a further 11 days before we got the satellite internet working. Jo-Anne will try to log in on her account. She has been lucky and one of her browsers remembered her details. Thankyou for your perseverance.
  3. It had a very low fish load for the water volume, the plants utilised all fish waste, same as when adding fertiliser to a veggie garden.
  4. I can try to confuse you on hardness of water, perhaps though the basics are that water hardness changes with the region and the fish that naturally occur in one water type may struggle in another water type. Large inland rivers where water runs thousands of kilometres across rock will generally be harder than rain water. Short rivers and streams that rely on constant rain to flow will generally be soft water. Most water supliers in Australia will add minerals to have a neutral PH, they will seldom become involved with General and Carbonate hardness. In Aquariums we will often use minera
  5. Welcome to the forum, you know there are so many fish speices kept in aquariums, sometimes walking through a large shop will have something that catches your eye. Guppies have always been good as beginner fish, alhough when you start researching you find there are many dedicated breeders world wide that find pleasure from looking at genetic differences and applying simply livestock breeding principles. Beginner quality Guppies will be in plentiful supply, if you want to try your skill at breeding them straight up you will only need to buy females, you can research the reason. If you have y
  6. Good to hear your family like fish you selected. Here is the genetics you pm'd me for. My spawn logs on the forum seem to have some gaps, with experience I'm sure I will reach the stage of having everything needed. Grand Parents; Multi Colour Giant Geno Male, ex Thialand and a Royal Blue Double Tail female (Best Female prize winner at 2007 Queensland Betta show). Parents; (extract from spawn log) (Feb 20 2009, 02:20 AM ) Two mostly white bodied fish from the parentage above, large bubble nest, looked like hundreds of eggs outside of the cup in amongst the duckweed. By the time I r
  7. Yeah, the first pair that bred for us had lived in several comunity tanks for 4 years before we saw fry when there was just an old anglefish co-habiting with them From tow spawns we had been able to removed some 170 fry, the first female died and it took maybe a month before the second female spawned. At the moment there is just young fish spawning in the shed and the size of each spawn is noteably smaller than what the old females has been able to produce. Initially one shop around here wanted them at 3cm at a dolllar each, because I had some history with them I gave them about 20 discounte
  8. Well done with the Albino Bristlenose. I breed the ordinary BristleNose. I have two colony tanks set for breeding them, plus a extra tank to grow fry to market size. The grow out tank is an odd size 44" Fulval 4 plus filter Slate, Rock, Driftwood, Java Fern and a number of the small pond snails. I have had as many as 250 fry in the tank at one point. This way I can wholesale the fish in a number of sizes. An old photo of fry in the fry tank. The algae on the rocks seem to be a good feed at any time of day for them.
  9. There is a number of us in SA, what fish are you keeping?
  10. Sounds like some good ideas above for aqariums. I thought of as much when I cleaned our 72x24x30 inches aquarium a few weeks ago. Closest I came was working out that the hose I use from the rainwater tank (filtered and presure pump) for the shed was to short to bring the water all the way inside the house so it was the buckets and 30 minutes of carting water. Fortunately with the two Ehiem bucket filters for that aquarium water changes are not needed very often with the fish load it supports. Things are very different for our shed and we have a 120 litre tank that we use to add minerals and
  11. Sadely all is not well with these fish. Started with two that were hiding alot they were both dead yesterday morning. When they were struggling I figured the current was to high with the power filter, switched over to an air filter. Today the last one is hiding and not eating so it looks like the $6 each is another $18 down the drain. There were larger sizes available, sometimes you think you can keep any fish alive.
  12. I got these fingerlings a couple of days ago. The hope is that they will grow big enough to fit in our large aquarium.
  13. Lucky, when we had 2 yabbie's in the same tank we had been feeding them bits of chicken neck and got up one morning to find that we had only one yabbie oh, there were a few bits of shell for the next several hours. Like when they moult everything gets eaten.
  14. How time flies. I have to accept now that I'm far from the most active person in the forum. Early December I had made a trip to Perth for my oldest neice's wedding and visited an Aquarium shop that had been recomended at our South Australian Aquarium Society. I wholesaled a number of our Bristlenose catfish and surplus halfmoons in Adelaide over the past 12 months and understand fully the effort involved. The couple of shops that have called for extra stock seems to make the introduction worthwhile. After all my fry tanks are filled again I will be able to put some more surplus stock
  15. Over the weekend I will sort out what fish we have surplus to our own breeding program.
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