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New Platinum Female...


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Got this little girl at the the LHS today. According to Paul at Aquarium World Cairns, who bred her, she is

from Full Moon lineage. All I know is, when I saw her, I had to have her! Even the GF fell in love at first sight!




These pics were taken while she was still in her take home bag. I'll try to add a few "in tank" shot's...when I

can get her to sit still!

Hope you like :)

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Paul at the LFS asked me yesterday to take very good care of her, as he is interested in breeding from her in a few months....

Which begs the question, "Why sell her in the first place?". It's all good though, I'll just do my best to keep her fit and healthy

and maybe see what I can get out of this spawning, when it happens. It'd be interesting to mate her with Ghengis, but he is a

CT and I'm not too sure what happens when one crosses such different lines. (Clarification, anyone?)

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Cheers everyone! I knew you'd all like her :)

I have a question, though. I've had a few days of staring at this girl now, and I'm curious about her finnage.

As I mentioned above, the bloke that bred her said that her father was some sort of moon tail. He said "Full Moon",

but I don't know if that means HM or OHM or something else. Anyway, that much is irrelevant. I'm actually curious

about the little "spikes" at the ends of each ray in her tail (have another look at the pics above). Do you think it

possible she is, in fact, already a Combtail?

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I don't think that she's a combtail, sometimes regular bettas (non ct) have minor ray extensions, that's how the ct first developed, fish with the minor ray extensions were selectively bred to increase ray extensions

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DISASTER!!! Woke this morning and walked to the tank, as I do every morning... No little white face there to greet me. I start to search all

over the tank, up in her nest on top of the filter, in behind some plants she likes to hang out in...nothing! Took a couple steps back, and there

she is, floundering on the tiles. So lucky I didn't step right on her as I neared the tank. She must have only just jumped as she was still very

much alive. I scooped her back into the tank. She kinda swam, kinda sunk, so I found a large vase, scooped some tank water into it and

extracted her from the tank again. She quickly recovered in the vase, a little fin clamping, but not too bad. She's now back in the main tank

and seems to be swimming around fairly happily, although a little disoriented. She's even chasing the RedEye Tet's, which she never used to

do. I've turned off the filter for a while, until she finds her feet (or fins?) again. She just took two halves of a pellet quite voraciously, also, so

it's all fingers, toes and ears crossed here.

I think she'll be OK. I'll put the filter back on in a while and see how that goes.

Any further things I should watch for??

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