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Rainy south coast nsw (nowra)


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Hi guys i just realised i haddnt introduced myself so hear goes

After many years of wanting i got my first Ct from the lfs sept 07 i was hugely misled by the lfs that my boy would live nicely in a vase how wrong i was....after alot of reseach i found a new tank for him and heater and all went well untill i found aquabid and all the stunners that are there with much complaining from dh i have now got cts and hmpk 5 adult males, 8 adult females, 3mth combtail spawn, 3mth sd spawn, 1mth hmpk/ct spawn, 3wk hmpk/dt spawn and 1wk ct spawn

once i fgure out how to use photo bucket ill load some pics


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Hay all imm baack !!! :lol:

I have had 2 yabbies and a pair of albino Bn's unceremoiously dumped on my door step in a bucket so iv had to drag out a couple tanks and get them setup and running quick smart !!!

So im back to refresh the memory ( cant belive iv been out for 2 years) and see how everyone is doing :D

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Thanks Guys :blush: , Its tempting to get back in to it, iv still got all of my gear ( never got around to selling it :lol: )

Paul, I have got a spawn (of sorts) one of the yabbies has a very full tail so im going to have to get another tank out to house them too :eek:

Dont think id go back to the amount of breeding i did before but it would be fun to do another spawn ..... might have to check out jodie's stock :giggle:

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