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Just thought I'll share some of the photos of my guppies with the board!

These 2 fish were from a bag of guppies that were given to me... I think they are the possible parents of my first fry...



I picked this one up at the LFS~


He is another one I spotted at the LFS and couldn't resist!! I would of bought 2 but he was the only one left... I wonder if he'll give me any fry as well...


This little guy is my first fry, I can't wait for him to frow up and see who his daddy/mummy is!!


More pics to follow~

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Last Monday, I managed to get hold of a brissy endler breeder, and bought some fishy from him. Quick glance at the tank with new fishy put in:


New Arrivals:



Girly Endler:


I woke up early one morning, and turned on the lights, my fish were all sleeping!!


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:) !!!! Gorgeous Endler's ^_^

LOL, awww look at them in a deep sleep, I have read about it but never seen it! Great photos!! Thanks for sharing!! *wishes more people posted photo of their fishies*

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Yup~ I just love the colors on them, if I get better lighting, their colors would look even better.

I've got 4 fry in my tank atm... I know some people wouldn't put endlers and guppies together in one tank. But to be honest, I actually do like the hybrid, I'm curious what outcomes would I get with this bunch in my little tank.

Maybe when I set up my 2nd tank, I'd separate them, but right now, I'm just going to enjoy starring at these colorful fishies.

I'd post more photos later, but atm, they're being treated for white spot, I use yellow powder in to treat them, it's spotless now but water is still a bit yellowy~ Won't look good in photo :P

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Nice Endlers

I tried endlers once but they died on me. I bought 2 pairs, one for me and one for abbey but all 4 died. They were pricy little buggers too!!!

Endlers are sold at very different price range, I don't know them well enough to really tell which are the good ones and which are not the pure breed ones. Or are they simply over-priced.

On one wkend, I saw they were sold at a lfs for $25 a pair. $12 for the male endler. They were sold out pretty quickly.

I manage to find some which looked the same to me, same color, same patterns and were sold at a much cheaper rate, then the guy also gave me a BIG discount coz he knows how much I love them, as well as because we go there to buy fish stuff every wkend.

So here we are, got some new endlers yesterday!!



Now my tank look something like this, second tank is underway!


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They're probably a bit more common in Brisbane, you do get to see them in shops every few months.

But not girls tho. I was lucky enough to get a girl or 2 from a local breeder. I'm hoping to breed the new guys in a separate tanks to not get too many hybrids. Maybe somewhere down the track, if things stays good, and if you want, I may be able to send you some just for fun ;)

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