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  1. I know there are some puffer fish around - 2 weeks ago, my lfs had some although they said they are not very popular. I'm actually after the dwarf puffer fish myself - I was told there were some at another lfs in North Brisbane but I never got around to travel to the other side of town ;)
  2. Apart from that fact that it's one scary looking creature to me... he's go cute eyes...
  3. Welcome!! Good to have you here! Feel free to post at the classified section of the board and tho I don't have mustard gas bettas, I'm sure someone here will be able to help you~ Happy posting~
  4. Hmm all of a sudden I don't feel so bad about my bedroom!! j/k can't wait for you to show us the result of the aftermess(is there such a word?) This reminds me of the last spring cleaning I've done to my bf's room. I normally wait till my partner totally turns his room upside down, then I go in there to do a cleaning. Usually end up being me with a big garbage bag asking 'can i throw away this?' 'this needs to go right?' 'you don't need this anymore!' Not that my bf has much of a choice since either he finds a place to keep his stuff tidy or all needs to go. Keep us updated with
  5. I love that plantgeek.com site. Thanks Daniel!! shooshoo, thanks for the site, I don't think I'd need the shipping thing, their shop is only a 15min. drive from my house! The Aquaclay Ground looks pretty good, anyone used it before?
  6. They're probably a bit more common in Brisbane, you do get to see them in shops every few months. But not girls tho. I was lucky enough to get a girl or 2 from a local breeder. I'm hoping to breed the new guys in a separate tanks to not get too many hybrids. Maybe somewhere down the track, if things stays good, and if you want, I may be able to send you some just for fun ;)
  7. I'm about to set up another tank. What I've got in mind is to purchase these lights from e-bay (or is there anybody who have some 2nd hand unwanted lights for sale???) also I'm still working out what to use for the substrate. I want to keep it as economic as possible. I'm still deciding between these options: 1. Shiny black gravel (been using these for my current tank, really like them because they're shiny. They're sold for $25.95 for 6kg at the LFS) 2. Seachem Flourite 7Kg- been told they are good, but I'm not really sure if I can just plan them in on their own... never used anyt
  8. I'll give that a try!! But gotta find out what the 'other stuff' is... sadly I don't cook, hardly enters the kitchen other than to grab food out from the fridge!!
  9. Endlers are sold at very different price range, I don't know them well enough to really tell which are the good ones and which are not the pure breed ones. Or are they simply over-priced. On one wkend, I saw they were sold at a lfs for $25 a pair. $12 for the male endler. They were sold out pretty quickly. I manage to find some which looked the same to me, same color, same patterns and were sold at a much cheaper rate, then the guy also gave me a BIG discount coz he knows how much I love them, as well as because we go there to buy fish stuff every wkend. So here we are, got some n
  10. That's exactly what I did!! I went to get one of those filter balls and put some java moss on it, only a bit and secure it with fishing lines. Not sure if it'll grow pretty, I guess I'll just have to stick with that for the meanwhile... still want to have a feel of those moss balls in my hands, just to see what it's really like... cuoristy (sp) can kill I cat they say...
  11. I'm not sure where to post this, please move topic if necessary I did a little LFS window shopping this avo and the lfs had tank sale! Beautiful glass tanks with lid, 2ftx12"x12" for only $35! Something slightly bigger for $49. This is at Slacks Creek (Pet Country). Just thought I'd share this info. with you if anyone of you wanted some new tanks, it's probably the cheapest tanks I've seen for ages!
  12. Fallen totally in love with the black VT!!! I too have never seen a black one before.
  13. Robbies Betta, somehow, I don't think your idea will turn out very well, anyhow, I'll try that anyway in a small bowl of water and see how it'd go. I think I'm only left with java moss balls as an option... But will go back to Aquarama soon to check it out (it's a long drive from Herston, let alone from Sunnybank!) Only recently I started taking an interest in plants... didn't think I'd bump into something impossible already *sigh*
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