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Hi from the wonderful world of bettas....


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HI everyone,

I heard about the site from www.fightingfish.com.au

I have 3 tanks at the moment the smallest one I will use soon for breeding bettas!

I have 2 VT males, blue purple and one red blue VT I recently rescured from a friend who we bought some chiclids from, along with 2 female VT. We have a variety of other fish guppies, mollies & sharks.

I have recently become obscessed with the SFF and have been reading and doing a lot of research on how to breed them. I love them how they are so peacefull and beautiful, only since reading info on these fish from the forums did I find out how many different types there are! I love HM & OHM metallics the best so far....

As of today am also looking to start breeding HM & OHM's and am currently looking to build a stock, Im located in Sydney NSW so if anyone can help me out that would be great.

I would love start breeding them, selling them and start my own betta website, will need to think of a good name for it!

Thanks to everyone in advance who has helped me out with my questions, as I am definately a newbie and appreciate all the help!

True betta lover,



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