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First of all WOW :blink: The tank is looking great Ray. Everytime you post a pic of it I think it can't get any better and then it does! That is some good looking discus in there too. Keep up the good work! :thumbs:

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hey Phil i have a few pics of the setup i will try and find

lilli there is quite a few fish other than the discus there are a variety of catfish and some wild caught angels im hoping to breed and a few tetras swimming around that need a top up

beano im sure the fish love having all the plants to hunt/play/hide in


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heres a couple of pics from the set up stages

this was some mods that where made on the cabinet base as the floor has a large drop in the concrete so some plates were fitted to the cabinet that could be wound up or down as required to level it there are 7 of these fitted and are adjusted by an allen key inside the cabinet




and a few setup pics




and a few more




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PeterJ the lights are 150w metal halide ,they are common shop display light that i bought and fitted them in my fixtures i had made, the ficture is fully adjustable up and down in and out and can be swivelled left or right for tank access

closer pics





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