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  1. First of all WOW The tank is looking great Ray. Everytime you post a pic of it I think it can't get any better and then it does! That is some good looking discus in there too. Keep up the good work! :thumbs:
  2. Happy Birthday Jess!!! Hope you had a great day! :lol:
  3. sammc

    Hello All

    Welcome to AAQ Nick! Great looking fish too!
  4. the idea sounds great to me!
  5. Long time no see! Good to see you back again!
  6. Robinvale is about a hours drive from Mildura (in other words, northwest vic)
  7. howdy bluebetta! Good to see you join us here at AAQ. How are the fish going?
  8. Happy Birthday Klara! Hope things are going good for you
  9. Recently purchased this little guy from my lfs. Don't know what color he is classified as though. Can anyone help? (sorry about the pic size. will resize it after work)
  10. sammc


    Hey Eddie! I see you found your way over from TTF! :)
  11. what a great explanation! Thanks peter!
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