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Think it's time to downsize


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Didn't think I'd have to say that for a while.

As some of you may know, I've been homeschooled and that's a major reason why I've kept so many animals and have the time to breed Bettas. Due to reasons at home, I've now been sent to school.

Schoolwork isn't that bad, I've studied most of it three or so years ago (I'm in year 11 now), it's just time consuming. I do put a lot of effort into my work, and was told that I'm top of the grade.

While homeschooled, I got the SAME amount of work done in an hour or two, where as now I'm at school for 6 hours, with homework to do when I get home. Don't really want to complain because I've been lucky enough to homeschool when I could, plus I'm sure a lot of you guys have similar troubles with work etc.

Outside of education, I have a few priories which are pretty important. I'm a probationary second degree black belt, and I'm currently training to get my full second dan sometime this year. I also have the rank of Dai Sempai, so teach kids karate classes twice a week. Also train in Kali Escrima (Filipino stick & knife fighting), and I'm training for a grading in that too. Oh, have a piano exam coming up too (been playing 10 years). Need to practice at least 2hrs a day.

I'm also a children's ministry leader, and lead at sunday kids church as well as the after school kids club (also involves baking food, prepping games, actives and lessons when rostered). Absolutely love it, and is one of the highlights of my week. Plus a few other things, but that's enough of a ramble.

Long story short - I don't have a lot of time for my animals. Love them to bits, and have already accepted I can't breed them anymore. Just don't have the time to be there for them as I used to. Used to give my fry 6 feedings a day, and although a good 2-3 feedings would be fine as well, I feel as if I bred them now, it would become a chore.

For me, this is a hobby to enjoy, not a job. This was my initial thoughts before starting school, but I've since discovered even keeping up on my waterchanges and feedings takes a lot more time than I thought it did. By the time I'm finished it all, I'm exhausted and don't have the energy just to watch and enjoy them.

So for the moment, I truly think it is time to downsize. I'll be keeping my female sorority, fish in barracks, and have a nice planted display tank with a yellow HM I bred. Along with other fish, I'm mostly thinking of only keeping my 3ft and 4ft planted tank, as well as another 3 ft tank and a 300L tank I'm setting up as marine. Trust me, this is a pretty big downsize.

However, I've found inverts to be a lot easier to care for than fish.. and that side of my hobby has been growing unexpectedly. Somehow, a lot of my once aquariums have found themselves to be converted to house scorpions.

For the moment, I'm going to focusing on my inverts - phasmids, scorpions, tarantulas, centipedes and am hoping to get some trapdoor spiders too. Oh, and I'm getting a SNAKE. Pretty excited about the snake, wanted one for ages, but mum never let me. Now she's leaving though I can get one.. sounds like I'm taking advantage of stuff, really, I'm not. Promise.

As stated above, most of my tanks have now been converted, and I'll keep most of my equipment as I'd love to get back into betta breeding after I've had a bit of a break. I will however be moving on some equipment shortly (and even when I was breeding I had a bit of a horde of equipment not even being used... oops).

So yeah, thought I'd let you guys know what's happening rather than to just fade out into the background. You've probably noticed I've been lurking a bit these days. My apologies.

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Thanks guys. :)

Have had a productive weekend in the fish room, plus got a lot of homework done (finished maths, ancient history, advanced english homework along with 6 assignments... yeah!) - with two sleep ins (has nothing to do with the internet being down most of Saturday)!

Will try and come on here as much as possible. Forum is constantly growing, every time I come here there are more members!

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Oh, Sarah that's a shame :( but you're smart enough to work everything out! Glad to hear you're downsizing to a point where you can still enjoy the hobby but keep your other million things too.

You're so lucky! A snake! I've wanted a snake for so long! That's awesome!

Let us know what you're doing, what inverts/reptiles/fish whatever you have is going and show us pics of the new stuff (snakes especially!)!

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Adam! I did reply to this... guess the forum ate my reply. Thanks. :) Probably not getting a snake for a while - have heard that NSW may be changing its laws so you don't need a reptile license anymore - going to wait until that's the go before I buy one. Will make things SO much easier.

Here's a couple updated photos of the part of the fishroom. The marine tank is still getting set up, 2x three foot tanks are behind me empty waiting to be filled with something (no time + lack of ideas..)... have that empty 400L in my room waiting for that snake, and a planted 4ft in the lounge room that is just a joy to own).

Looking a bit sad having my barracks empty, but going to keep it because I'd like to get back into breeding. Female sorority is the 2ft you see... really can't see it in the photo and it looks terrible - honestly isn't! Love the female tank, have lots of girls living in harmony of various colouring. Nice to have the majority of them homebred as well!


Where's the fishtanks? Whoops.


3ft has a tad of an algae problem and is need of some new plants around the right/middle.


Few more inverts.


It's a little depressing to have lots of my tanks lacking bettas. I currently have four males and the female tank... but the males have lovely display tanks so that's nice. Little bit saddening to see a lot of my tanks empty, but I've had a pretty tough week so hid in the fishroom and was quite productive, so that's good.

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Hey Sarah

going back to school after home school is a masive adjustment. I know becouse my sister had to do it when she was young. I know your are super organised and it will not take you long to adjust and manage your time to the best you can. If and when you want your tanks filled again you know there are a few of us that will help. In the mean time good luck and god speed you in your chosen activities.



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sorry to hear about having down sizing but i through i would thank you in showing your photos as see your set up gave me an idea for mine and showed me how to boild shelves thank you so much bighug.gif/>

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Thanks guys. :)

Thanks Les, is a huge readjustment and the fact I've lost every single piece of work I've done this entire year when my computer lost it all doesn't help. Redoing work as well as current work isn't fun!

MT, trust me - it's a huge downsize. I used to have TONS. The inverts are great though because they need hardly any maintenance. Thanks! :)

Thanks Kazza, glad I've helped. I'm lucky to have such a handy dad - he built my fishroom as well as most of my shelving!

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