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  1. looks awesome mate, like a betta/guppy farm ehhe. did you use archiCAD to show us the plans? hehe
  2. Some new updates of whats going on at my place. Here are some dark pink-redish lilies blooming... finally able to take some good pics! A video of my orandas and other fancies. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SV5RMMgKhuI
  3. damn melbournebetta how do you get that crystal clear video quality? looks so awesome!
  4. Lovin the soundtrack btw!
  5. For a minute i thought you guys were referring to the fertility of cambodian people and i was thinking, "hold on guys, we breed just fine." Ah, never mind me just bored!
  6. cheers 6ftaquaman, i was thinking more golf ball but tennis ball works fine ahha
  7. Hey guys, just made a new youtube account. The previous username annoyed me as it was too long haha. Here are some of my old videos plus new ones! I'm trying to focus more on individual fish in my new vids haha. Enjoy panda oranda http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEimguKhFjk
  8. daniely

    Lfs guppies

    Wow didn't know petbarn stocked halfmoon bettas! I thought they just had the standard veil tail ones haha. There's a few aquariums around my way that stock decent guppies. Anyone know monaco in canley vale? They rarely have females but they have some pretty nice males with bright colours and big tails!
  9. daniely

    My Marbles

    Wow she looks awesome les!
  10. Hey 6ftaquaman, only 3 days! Haha. I just found out my pearlscales putdoors laid eggs! Pretty excited about that. Ill upload some pics soon!
  11. Thanks afr3178! Im not sure what kind of pearlscale it is! I've added another 4 in the fountain so hopefully i can get them breeding! I've become addicted to goldies now ive got 3 orandas and 6 young ryukins! Here's a video of them: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-iXpA0tjzQ There's also a panda oranda... was not a planned buy... i just couldn't help myself haha
  12. daniely

    Symmetrical HMPK

    Holy crap that is a stunning fish!!!
  13. All i can say is wow, bloody beautiful mate! So discus and angel fish cant go together? Im thinking of doing a display tank with both of those guys!
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