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  1. Nice pond. The back half of them looks like a tennis ball cut in half from the top view lol.
  2. Hey Yan has anyone ever brought fish in to your store they did not want or could not keep anymore? Im just wondering what the go is with this, do you take them off their hands, if they wanted other fish could they get some credit on the purchase? I guess every lfs is different, do you know your stores policy on it?
  3. Its not just limited to pet shops, you can experience that at lfs too. I had it happen to me with bad advice about elephant nose fish so if your not sure about something my advice is to go home and research it first, dont impulse buy on the advice given as it is possible the advice is wrong.
  4. Do you know what the cause of the drama in the reef tank was? always sad to lose fish like that.
  5. Azza is there a pet barn at sutherland or are you talking about the one at taren point? I know they have betta's but most of thier staff are clueless except for one guy who works in the fish section there, still his knowledge is limited to the basics of fish keeping.
  6. lol yes, it is as if they do it on purpose "oh here he comes with the camera, start swimmin boys". The corner rock being made for the left corner of the tank is finally finished so once I put that in I will post another video of the tank, that should help cut down on some of the reflection off the glass too. I added more lighting to the tank as well which I am happy with.
  7. Yeah I feel the same about majestic, they never seem to have much in the way of fresh water fish when I have been there and the whole feel of the shop to me feels customer unfriendly. I have never bought fish from them. I heard really good things about that store and it was a let down when I went there. Hurstville and Taren point are the only local ones I know of. There are 2 in the eastern suburbs I like ... aquaristic at Rosebery and B&C at Matraville you should check them out if you havent already. There is another one in surry hills I have been told is small but good but I have neve
  8. Hey big azza, which ones are your lfs? Probably the same ones I go to. I have not noticed the state of the guppies at any of them lately though.
  9. cool looking gold fish, how long have you had them?
  10. Nice looking fish, reminds me of border collies! (the first one anyway)
  11. So you are going to do it. I dont know what it is but the salt water tropical colours are so much more vibrant than alot of their fresh water cousins. I like the look of your discus tank back in July 2012 too.
  12. Here is a new video with the newest additions to the tank, rummy nose tetra's and new drift wood. Still trying to work out how to get the quality transfering to you tube better
  13. 6ftaquaman

    My guppy update

    Havent you finished that shed yet les :P
  14. Hello jessica kate and welcome to the forum. Sounds like you are a fish keeping veteran at such a young age too you could probably teach me a thing or two.
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