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The Great Escape


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I had a little female in with one of my very sulky dragon males- primarily so he could build up his confidence because his sibling partner is a ...piece of work.

Anyway, I had them on the top shelf, she in a tupperware container chimney and he in the 8 lt segment of the barracks... doing a bit of meet n greet, she had jumped out of the tupperware a few times into his tank, but it was all pretty docile.

I would scoop her back in so she and he could rest and return to building confidence.

I was feeding one morning, and noticed she'd gotten out of the tupperware, thinking nothing of it, I figured she was in with him and had wriggled out of the chimney in with her beau.

Fed the top shelf, down to the second, the witches, errrr... i mean the sorority ...yep... done...

Now down to the third shelf, some guppies and a vintage spawn tank that I never got around to cleaning... wait... what...

WHY IS SHE IN THE THIRD SHELF DOWN, IN THE EMPTY SPAWN TANK??? The water is pretty stained, and I had thought Id get around to cleaning it when I needed it... at the moment it's full of infursoria and having a lovely time with the Java fern.

This is what I have deduced:

I've let the little curtain that I have on the side of the tank so that my poor housemates aren't looking into unsightly tanks when they look down the hallway into my room.... but the peg keeps flicking off and I can't be fudged putting it back up with something like a bulldog clip. (LAZY) and madam lucky has used it as a dry water slide into her new digs....



Its Nuts.

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