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  1. Gorgeous very jealous!! Would you be interesting in selling some of these per chance? Just noticed that you are in Perth?
  2. I have purchased a 4ft tank recently and am starting to look at lighting units for it, all my tanks I have had previously have had them built into the hood so I haven't had to buy any lighting before, would any of these be suitable? any help or suggestions as to what to get would be fantastic, Ive got low light plants like java fern and water sprite so nothing fancy :)Is there much different between LED and halogen lighting? Which do you prefer? http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/1-2m-LED-LIGHT-4ft-32-LEDS-ALUMINIUM-AQUARIUM-FISH-TANK-CORAL-REEF-BLUE-WHITE-/171031890644?pt=AU_Pet_Supplies&hash=
  3. Hi there, I was just wondering if anyone is Perth or W.A has any fancy guppy strains? I have been looking around a bit but haven't had much luck finding anything, I am interested in anything blue/purple or yellow :-) Thanks in advance Jess :-)
  4. No I don't have any pumps in there but I am currently looking on Ebay for one, any suggestions? I would like to get a solar powered one if that it even possible.
  5. I think it is roughly 120L? It is quite big and the plastic on the inside is a preformed liner, I was going to use pond liner but this was neater and I think lasts longer and looks a whole heap better :-) I put the two smaller goldys in there today and they seem quite content so far. I'm thinking about setting up another one for my endler fry that are about to be born.
  6. Hi there, Today I put together my mini pond and thought I would share some pictures. I have never had anything to do with ponds before so planting the plants and getting them to stay planted didn't exactly go smoothly but I got there in the end :-) I also brought two goldfish who will eventually reside in there! Enjoy the pics! Love this plant! Fishy no 1 - Fishy no 2 - I have never seen a brown goldfish before? How long should I wait before I add the fish?
  7. I think you have an addiction! WOW, that's alot of fish!
  8. Nice! I would love to have your tank in my lounge room!I love the endlers they are a great fish very entertaining! Any pics of the 3ft?
  9. They are gorgeous colours! Is the tub heated and filtered? How big is it?
  10. Hi I can help with a few of these questions, I think that 10L is a good size to keep male betta's happy. 8L min. I got my Indian Almond leaves from Aquotix in canning vale off bannister road, this is a great shop if you haven't been there already. If you go in there and ask questions about the retic and sump you mentioned they will be able to show you they are very helpful also Les on here feeds all his fish live food so maybe he can help you out there :-) What are you planning on breeding?
  11. Very jealous! Looks fantastic! and nice fish too :-)
  12. You have some lovely fish there! What is the leafy plant in Cobalt Lights tank? Your plants look so green! How do you attach them to the driftwood?
  13. Xsilver368

    My guppy update

    Sounds like it is all systems go!!
  14. I am looking to buy my first air pump, I will be wanting to run 6 sponge filters and 6 airstones off of it but I am unsure of what size I will need. I have only got 1 air pump which came with a tank from k-mart and it is extremely noisey so am looking for something that is quiet. The biggest tank that they/it would be filtering is a 54L divided into two with a sponge filter in each section. Any suggestions would be great :-)
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