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    I just got my (and my family's) first betta. A beutiful crowntail with lots of red & orangy/yellow/white/tiny black/hints of blue & his name is Oscar (Wilde). My soon to be 4 yo daughter picked it straight away & I have no clue where this very serious name comes from since everything she ever names is things like Twilight sparkle, Mini sparkle, Rainbow dash, Anster & other imaginative & cute names. How on earth she came up with something so normal for a fish with so many colours is beyond me..
    We got around 22 litres tank which I so far planted with a small anubias attached to driftwood & a resin pine/bonsai tree with moss attached. I also ordered some lileaopsis to make a carpet with since his tank stands with all sides exposed & I think he might like that extra bit of protection.
  1. My first betta blown his very first bubble nest! Yay! Feels like I got confirmation he is a happy boy now:)

  2. Well, either he get some expensive snack & no more with that or there be survivors.. I heard very various outcomes from betta & shrimps, seems to be very much what mr betta is like. But first, those plants need to thicken up so they at least can stand a good chance. I let you know which way it goes..
  3. It's pretty funny he been killing them of since its the colour people seem to like Ended up getting a red one yesterday & he has pooped all over the tank & now it looks like I'm getting algae spots on the glass, not sure what's that all about.. Anyhow my betta completely ignored it, they even had a hanging out moment under the same anubias leaf next to each other but no aggression so I'm almost hoping to try out some cherry shrimps in there as soon my plants grown in a bit. Yay!
  4. I been hunting for a blue ramshorn for a few weeks now & only recently found out they're not allowed to get imported here They are so pretty tho I really want one! Actually going subscape tomorrow to shop a red one, gonna try it out with my betta & see how it goes. I really need one for eating the fungusy gunk that appeares in my tank. @Les, tell your friend to stop squishing the blue once! I guess it all over in WA so can't be shipped to here anyhow..
  5. Frank's a cool looking fish, but what is he? :D
  6. Oh no! Now the moss have started getting brown spots or just going brown What's going on? Is it dying? It's pretty stressfull being new to it all, fish, tanks & plants..
  7. Wow so clean & tidy? Looks great Ps. Didn't mean to be any ? Meant only a . Surry.
  8. Cheers Matt. It des look pretty unsightly, just hoping t won't spread anywhere else. Maybe it has something to do with the cotton string I used on top of the nets to hold the moss in place.. SAF, I looked into Ramshorn snails a bit more & a bit worried about a lot of aquarists seem to have trouble with them taking over the aquarium but I guess it can't really do much on its own?
  9. Ok Matt, tried to attach a photo. You can really see it on the bottom one, it's the worst one. It's really gross & if I scrape it of it floats away in a lump. []http://s1067.photobucket.com/albumsy/u432/MisSteam/?action=view┬Ąt=ea6d274c.jpg&evt=user_media_share SAF I do really like the thought of a Ramshorn snail but worried it will escape since its a gap in the glass for the filter & heater cable, I coved most part with a ruler But still a few inches open. Lucky Oscar haven't tried any escaping yet.. No success with that link. Try this
  10. YES! Matt, that is just the kind of answer I like RiffRaff can you put ottos in a betta tank? I would actually like to have some shrimp in there but not sure if my betta Oscar will just find them munchy.. Thought I wait for the plants to take of first so they would have somewhere to hide. Has anyone tried this? I googled it & it sort of looks semi successfull. At the LFS they said amber tetras would work otherwise..
  11. Lots & lots of bubbles My CT Oscar haven't done that yet but I think I probably got to strong a filter for him to do that, but he loves swiming in it.
  12. Hi, here we go again, I got more newbie questions.. My betta seems to be on its way to mending after I discovered some pinholes in the fins. I done partial water changes every other day & added salt & bettafix. I don't have any IAL as of yet but working on it. But as I was giving the tank it's weekly all over clean I discovered some of my spikey moss (attached to a resin pine tree) got this yucky looking grey slime covering it? Does anybody know what this is, is it some kind of algea? And most importantly, how the heck do I get rid of it?? I read somewhere about dipping the plan
  13. Hi, just letting you know that during your refurb the 'betta care sheet' link is down. Cheers.
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