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    I also like candle lit dinners and talk about betta fish.
  1. SAF

    LED light opinion

    Hey yes I did, but they are playing up. The same issue with some of the lights not working and also now some times it never gets full strength and is very dimly lit. :(
  2. SAF

    LED light opinion

    hmmm.. maybe i could get it for a marine tank then... Would it have any benefit for the plants seeing that they are only low light ones
  3. Hi everyone, I'm thinking of purchasing a decent led light for my 30L cube tank. I found one that has 4x 15000k white light and 3x blue led. I remember another member on here saying 6500k is good for plants. Currently in my tank i have a few bunches of java fern, 2 anubias and 2 ludwigia stems. Would the light spectrum be correct to keep the plants happy ? is it an overkill on lights? Here's a pic of it. thanks
  4. god dammit, missed this one again... totally forgot this was on :(
  5. thanks for the comment everyone. What i have done was break it up into smaller pieces and rinsed it thoroughly with tap then condition water. but what i did notice was when i put it into my main tank it was like this cloudy white stuff was still coming out of it so i immediately took it out and did a 20% water change in my main tank. I then rinsed it again and divided it into 2 clumps and placed them each into my smaller tank. Didnt notice the cloudy stuff coming out of it. It smelt pretty bad when it had all the gunk in it. almost like rotten eggs. I might add the java moss still looks healthy and green. It just produces a nasty cloudy mess lol
  6. Hi everyone ! I bought some java moss back the ate auction and didn't have anything to do with it so i stuck it into a jar with some conditioned water.It was sitting in there for approx 5 days. OMG inside there was a film of oil on the surface. inside the water it went all cloudy it stunk so bad. there was a build up of this cream colour stuff as well, it looked like snot. my question is, after thorough rinsing with tap water can this be reused or is it best to not use it anymore ? the smell was gone and it looked normal again. Thanks
  7. i bet you were more upset about the crs sold? they went for a bargin price. does mini pellia require co2 ?
  8. oh that makes sense, cos it was with the crs box lol how much would u sell a pack for if you got any left ?
  9. I've heard using pH up/down is not the best idea. I think i read it can swing the pH drastically. what colour is the pH test result ?
  10. did anyone catch who was selling the taiwan moss there ?
  11. LOL, that is my other "hobby", although that side is slowly settling down. Thanks :)I've actually got a nice tennis ball size of java moss still waiting to be used i got at the auctions last Saturday. ... I'm spewing i missed get the taiwan moss that was available at the auction.
  12. Hi everyone, This is a 28L tank ive been working on the past month or so. Inside is Blanka my HM male, 2x oto cats and 20ish cherry shrimps. The plants are anubias, Java ferns, Java moss, subwassertang, ludwigia and a marimo. I'm pretty sure I'm at this tanks capacity but would love to hear others opinion. ENJOY.
  13. oh wow. they all looked real to me lol ....
  14. some moss, java fern any plants that doesnt require co2 lol ... actually bring the whole shop lol ok im being greedy... Does Subscape sell any of that kh buffer you use ness ? fin rot is ruining my life and tri sulfa only made the situation worse
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