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Live Video: North Thailand Betta Comp


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I thought I might share this to all who are interested in seeing how betta competitions are run overseas.

Pichet of Interfish is hosting a competition in the north of Thailand this week. The event will be streamed live over the net.

TIME & PROGRAM (Bangkok time)

24july 2012 # 1pm-7pm (bench in date)

25july 2012 # 9am- 9pm (judging date)

26july 2012 # 9am- 12am (betta talk and workshop)

29july 2012 # 9am - 12am (prize presentation)

I've tried to embed it on this page, but can't get it to work. The link to view is: http://ppmedia.info/VDO/index.htm

PS: The eastern states are 3 hours ahead of Bangkok...

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