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Tom from Sydney


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Hi All,

I'm just getting back in to Betta breeding after I failed in several attempts several years back.

I breed black angelfish only (I don't know why only breed black, I just do). I like tropical and have been considering a marine tank soon.

Just recently bought 4 HMPK and breeding them soon. Planning to by a Giant soon!



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Hi Tom. Welcome to the forum, I'm sure you'll have success breeding Bettas this time around with the info and supportive members on here. I know it helped me...

I mainly breed HMPKs so always excited to see someone else breeding them. I am just about to get into the world of angelfish breeding, so expect to see a heap of questions coming from this direction!

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Welcome Tom! Good to see another Sydney-sider on deck.

I'm sure you'll find that breeding bettas becomes easier if you prepare yourself and have enough information at hand to deal with the various stages of breeding.

Have a good look through the articles and pinned topics in each of the forums. They're very helpful and will be worth your while going through before setting up a spawn.

Just out of interest, where'd you get your bettas from? Not alot of places will stock HMPKs

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