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Nominations for Best Videos and Photographs of 2012


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Following on from a comment made by Les about having an archive of the best videos posted on AusAqua I thought about it a bit and decided to take it a little further. Rather than anyone and everyone sticking videos in the gallery I've decided to call for nominations for the rest of the year and then have the entries voted on and judged. And to also open it to photographs as well as videos.

So this is how it's going to work. Until November 30th 2012, whenever someone posts a video that you really like, you can make your nomination in this thread. At the end of the year, the nominations will collated and we'll have an outside judge (who is still to be found) choose a winner and we will also hold a people's choice vote. Depending on how many entries we get, some or all of these will make it into a permanent gallery which we will house somewhere on the forum (yet to be decided).

How to make your nomination

Simply click on the Quote button (YES! You finally get to use it!) and quote the post that contains the video or photograph. Please remove any comments or discussion around the photo/video link, then paste it in this thread. It's important that you keep the quote information which will show who the original poster of the video was.

Here's an example showing the cleaned up code and the result.

[quote name='paul' date='17 March 2012 - 09:27 AM' timestamp='1331936821' post='151425']


Only videos which were posted on the AusAqua forum between 1st January and 30th November 2012 are eligible for nomination.

Videos must be the original work of the original poster not something they found while trawling YouTube.

In terms of copyright, if YouTube are ok with it, I'm ok with it.

Photos and videos can be on any aquarium related content and can be instructional or artistic

You can't nominate your own video or photo but there's nothing stopping you 'hinting' to someone else that your video is fabulous enough to be nominated. :P

Judging Criteria

Photos and videos will be judged on composition, quality and subject matter.


A fabulous badge that you can wear proudly in your signature plus possibly some other prize (yet to be decided :P )

One other thing...

Please don't clutter up this thread with comments about how much you agree with the nomination. You can express your appreciation to the video/photo owner by clicking on the little arrow at the top of the quote which will take you back to the original post. The little arrow might not be visible to people on smartphones. Sorry, you'll just have to hop onto a computer.

And a little note to Les

Thanks for the idea. If you want to nominate Paul's video you're going to have to do a proper nomination because my example above doesn't count. Hint: just copy what I've done and repost it. :)

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JUST BECAUSE I HAVE AMAYSHING ENGLISH SKILLS THAT LEAVE MOST PEOPLE CHOKING IN MY ELOQUENT DUST, dosen't mean you can't post on this thread without nominiatinioningoing* (*new) some photos - so DONT FORGET MAN.

THE prizes are UN BELIEVABLE quantities of praise, affection and other such invisible meaningful things that OCCASIONALLY use capital letters completely inappropriately

Vote me.


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Words is art... Ness is artist.

Just because the word isn't found in any dicksionhairy or if it ain't spellet correct-like don't mean it ain't fun or fun-ctional... Art rite?

Favourite quote from one of my uncles...

"I speaky the England very best, but no good the spellet!"


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t'has cometh into my consciousness that the major majority of the afore mentioned community (dot net) may or mayhap, may-not pick up what I am indeed, putting down in most instances.

That said, and all things being equal: I would employ those that would (and those that would not) if they would please consider how incredibly boring their plain use of the english form of communications, in fact, is.

If one would consider pluralizing that which needn't be pluralized, and stand outside in 120 K gale force winds and recite the alphabet, one might begin to fathom the futility of trying to do things 'correctly' and may indeed begin to stumble upon that which isnt and is in the forefront of my mind: which... is far more interesting than an correctly strung sentence.

I do believe I've broken all of the rules, just now.

shut up, you aren't voting for photos.

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While an artistic temperament may be to blame for my mania...

dont DENY that I'm the most fantastic amazing spectacular nonsensical frivolous contributor to any such forum that you ever did read.

I can string sentences, hell, I can macrame sentences into bad 70's versions of lomographic design sensibilities if you like, ou préférez-vous que je l'ai fait en français?


You still aren't voting.

i was just about to retort: "Dont' call my IQ into question" ...but then realized i have yogurt in my hair

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You are nuts. The lot of you. I really am starting to believe I am the only sane person left on this forum. :-).

So sorry that I am one person that really struggles writing and spelling. Advanced math and science at school but I struggled with English. Never got me head around it. Lol.

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I know Ness will be pleased .... She really wants the WIN! So I'm nominashionating this pic.

You know, this gives her 2 nominashionated pics giving her the highest chance of winning just from a numbers point of view.... Get those cameras out people... and at least make her sweat a little! Haha

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