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Two New Males From Paul


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Have to lovely blue PK boys from Paul (The Paul, not Busman Paul). Just settling in.. one boy is only in a bag because his tank isn't next to the other boy, and I wanted them to flare a bit.

Shall breed them to my female Sina [clicky] sometime after the next Brisbane meet. :)

Going to be hard to pick which male to use, both gorgeous.

A few decent quick photos -

Male #1.




Has a little white marble patch just at the base of his dorsal.



More to come. :)

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Nice S... Was wondering how long it would take to post them... LOL!

They don't seem bothered by the change of location/car ride etc at all. They really want to just show off huh?

Nice job on the pics... You've caught their colours just right too, I think!

Glad you're happy with them!

PS. Just noticed the first fella has cute little CT like extensions on his pectorals.cross him with a dumbo and see if you can get a lion-fighter line!

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Hehe, not long! We're all photo lovers around here.

Nope, they didn't seem to mind the move - although it wasn't that far of a trip anyway.

Thanks. :) Do love them both - and quite like the little extensions in the pectorals.

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BTW just looked at thye picture you have of Sina... didn't realise how full and long her caudal is. Looks like her fins are longer in comparison to her body proportions than these male HMPKs. I guess that probably suggests she's a long fin.

It will be interesting to see results from breeding sibling HMPK to longfin. Both parents were long fin, so theoretically you have anywhere between 0 and 50% chance of getting PKs in the next generation. The colours may be interesting too... The dad of these was a "super blue" type royal blue dragon and mum was a copper. I've been calling these fry "teal" but I dunno... "Armadillo" maybe??? Anyone?

Also... Names?????

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I was told Sina is a longfin HM when I got her off you.

Thanks for the info... shall be interesting.

As for Armadillo - you did call Elly May and Billy Bob Armadillo when I got them.

Names - no idea. Have had a think, nothing yet - only Bob and Dave popped up - BORING.

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  • 1 month later...

Some absolutely TERRIBLE photos, but decided one of the boys could have a bit of a flare with my PK boy from Shadoh (who's LOVING the 3ft planted tank).

You get the general idea, please excuse the pics though!






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I was a little wary at first, what with the pair of rams in there - and the endlers constantly having fry (didn't want them to be eaten!). He's proven himself very peaceful, and for that, he may stay.

Looked at an old pic of him, noticed that the little orange wedge on his caudal has gotten a lot bigger. Personally, I quite like it.

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I noticed that (orange wedge), but wasn't sure if it was him or the photo *lol* His pale orange brother has a slightly bigger one in his caudal. Would be nice if it could be developed. Ashlea got a rather spotty girl off me...

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In real life, it seems at least twice that size - I think it's just the photo angle.

Would be interesting if you could breed an orange dalmatianish-Tahitian Sunset fry from it - would take quite a while but!

Was going to take this boy to the next SSS meeting. He's my favourite. wub.gif

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