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  1. Thanks guys! Just saw this now been busy as a bee!
  2. *runs away flailing arms* :blink:
  3. :lol: other animals out of their breeding prime still have a crack at it, it just means they are less fertile lol
  4. http://www.advancedaquarist.com/2009/9/freshwater try scrolling down to nature *hopes it works*
  5. One easy way to find out if the water gets to the back is to fill up the front and leave it a few hours to see if any of it ends up in the back If not, you may have to remove the middle divider meaning the one that separates the barracks from the sump and lift it up a few mm and re silicone it in or something like that :)
  6. What about just a power head? that will fit in the end and push the water to the other end? Would that work?
  7. I divided my tank with a Poster holder ( sold near the posters in Kmart) and silicone with some Plastic mesh/ Canvans from a craft store (spotlight in my case) If you dont want shared water i am thinking you are going to have to have 2 filters and 2 heaters. on each side.
  8. :) tron looks sort of my lil gold fellow! cause of the lighting http://a1.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/s720x720/390477_10150494283989287_857624286_8351012_471341647_n.jpg welcome to the forum! :cheer:
  9. This is why my snails are divided :lol:
  10. No sleep and early mornings make Nicola go crazy..

  11. Thanks Paul, am trying to toss up between this one and the one Matt uses, and which is easier and less fiddly I like the K.I.S.S Prinicple i learnt at woodwork in school *Keep it simple stupid* I still don't get why they have to have the last part of that in the saying though <_<
  12. So for someone who is thinking of doing this in a (hopefully) soon to be new 48inch long tank (still talking mum into it O:) ) and my 50L what tips would you give them on do's and don'ts :)
  13. The Awkward moment, when a family member catches you singing at the top of your lungs :/

  14. Lol at the schooling pic pretty fish
  15. Me and razors are a bad combo, as i am a mega clumsy person !, and wouldn't it scratch the glass? and I've heard dark colours make the glass more reflective on the inside of the tank?
  16. Ohhh Ok, What paint do you use? and does it come off easily if needed? :confused:
  17. and why are you painting the outside? :confused:
  18. *nods* yes, yes you will need to get pics :lol:
  19. Oo Nice. You don't have to learn to drive, I haven't yet, Have fun! :)
  20. Happy Birthday Matt, I know this is an Hour early Brizzy time, but hey its midnight here it still counts! Have a Brilliant day! And Enjoy yourself your only this age once :applaud:
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