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Jarring Makes All The Difference!


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Thought these photos would show the difference a couple of days of being jarred and carded makes for a juvie male betta. He was jarred mainly for size, but I did notice he was starting to get a little "nippy" with his siblings around feeding time.

These photos were taken 2 days apart. The first on the day he was jarred, the next, today after a flaring session. His colours have deepened, his caudal spread has improved and I am sure I can see a little fin growth...

1. Taken 06/11/11 on the day he was jarred...


2. Today, 2 days later (please excuse the dirty glass)


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I think you'll find it's mostly about colour Kertaz. The boy pictured is fairly drab in colour to start, then by separating him/jarring his real colour can come through. You'll notice he's much darker in base colour. The irids have also intensified and the scales look denser/thicker. All signs of a healthy/happy fish.

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To document the changes further, I have just jarred up another 3 fry - all roughly the same size. I have taken photos and will update again on Friday (2 days)

All fish are just starting to get their next level of caudal branching, so expecting fin form to improve over the next week. I am interested in seeing how their base colour and overall appearance changes.

Test subject #1...

My big hope for FINALLY getting an orange fish from this spawn!


Test subject #2...

Love the yellow in the fins :) Interested in seeing how the irids spread and develop...


Test Subject #3

Very similar to #2, but darker body and heavier irid layer. Will be interesting if #2 catches up with irid coverage...


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As promised, here are the test subjects 2 days on...

Male #1


Male #2 (technically only 1 day for this guy)


Male #3


Their colours have significantly deepened. They haven't learned to flare properly yet, but that should only be a day or two away. These 3 are lovers not fighters...

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I have to attest to this concept that jarring makes all the difference . I jarred about 6 females from the grow out last week. I was looking at selling off some of these girls to the LFS today (they need sone girls), but discovered all the jarred girls have proven themselves to be boys!

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