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  1. Unfortunately the new parents decided to have a midnight snack one night. Now that I know that they are a breeding pair I will be better set up for next time.
  2. I came home this afternoon after being away for a few days only to discover that my 3 x bolivian butterfly rams in my community tank had been ripped to shreds. Went looking for the culprit only to discover that my two firemouths had bred. And here I was thinking my firemouths were both male and so had given up on them ever breeding. Now I need to find a new tank for the rams to move in. Sorry about the poor image of the fry. The parents are very protective and have of course nested towards the back of the tank.
  3. I would use the vinegar solution, then leave it for an hour or so, then come back tip it out rinse it with water and then let it dry preferably in the sun.
  4. Rather than bleach you can also use white vinegar. I use a half and half ratio for cleaning.
  5. sha

    Hi everyone

    Hey Daniel you should get some photos of your shrimp and tanks up. After seeing them in person I was well and truly impressed.
  6. Looking good Sarah. Great shot of the two next to each other.
  7. sha


    What is the smell? If it is rotten eggs it is your substrate.
  8. Worried that my Giant Copper Red Dragon Halfmoon Plakat Pair are actually two males both with egg spots.

  9. Hopefuly by this weekend they will be ready to go. Andre has already started a nest and the female is teasing him.
  10. My guests have arrived and are settling in quite comfortably.

  11. Introducing my new pair Andre Yet to be named female It is hard to tell in the pictures but this boy is monsterous These are from someone and are Giant Copper Red Dragon Halfmoon Plakat Pair.
  12. sha

    New Tank

    I confirmed today that my guests have shipped so they should be here by Thursday. Getting rather excited to see them in person.
  13. Jarrod it seems everytime you post I am in here saying you have amazing fish and once again you have amazing fish. Number 4 is incredible although they are all great. Also loved the intro you have.
  14. This thread has seriously made my day. Thanks for the laugh guys.
  15. sha

    New Tank

    @Keratz - Yeah I only had the water high whilst it was cycling. It has now been reduced though only by about 25% at the moment. @MOTH - Thanks for the suggestion. I am actual in the middle of making a stand so I can have another one of these tanks on top of this one so naming it after a hotel is a good idea. @SiameseFightingFist - It was $20 at my local kmart. Came with a filter, gravel, net, ornament and background of which I kept the net and filter. The heater should have the top part above the water line however I have never done so and so far, touch wood, have never had an issue keep
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