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Hi From melbourne


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HI All

Just dropping by to say hi after signing up. Located in melbourne and just set up my first 4ft planted tank......and a noobie so on a steep learning curve still ;)

Specs :

-4ft tank

-fluval 405 filter (started from scratch no old media)

- 2 x 54w T5 lighting with 2 x sylvania Growlux

-ADA amazonia soil

-Temp approx 25 to 26 celcius

-PH 6.5

Plants :

Hydrocotyle tripartita "Pennywort"

Echinodorus latifolius "Narrow-leaf Chainsword"

Aponogeton vanbruggenii "NT Lace Plant"

Staurogyne Tropica

peacock moss

Amazon sword

Ozelot sword plant

Ludwigia repens

Anubia cofeefolia

Anubia barterii

Livestock :

10 x harlequin rasboras

10 x rummynose testras

3 x SAE

Tank only finished cycling about 2-3 weeks ago, harlequins and sae have been in for 2 weeks and the rummry's went in last weekend. I plan on doubling the harlequin and rummy numbers to 20 of each and adding a few red cherry shrimp.....if i can find someone in melbourne that has them ;)

Heres a few pic's :










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pretty damned good for a beginner!!!! Love that bit of driftwood too!

My sentiments exactly. I love the driftwood. Hmmmmm Bettas or Dwarf Cichlids. Tough choice if you want to add some small display fish. Or you could look for some badis badis. Good quality badis are very pretty and small.

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Thanks heaps for all the positive replies guys!

I never thought i'd get there while dealing with the cycling and the cloudiness and plant deaths etc that came along with it all but i'm so happy now ;)

So far my Keep it simple approach minus C02 seems to be working....fingers crossed that continues.

Re the betta I have one in a tank on my desk at work so i think i'll stick with him for now, i want to keep this tank to a couple of decent schools of a couple of species and the rummies and harlequins school and look great together.

I'm picking up 20 RCS hopefully tomorrow from a local guy, cant wait to get them in.

As soon as i saw the driftwood i knew it was what i had been hunting for, i was lucky enough to get it off a local guy on another aussie aqua forum. Its so big i had to remove the middle and one end brace to get it in the silicone them back in place so its a fairly permanent feature of this tank ;)

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Hi Sarah

Yep its pretty big, i tried for about an hour to get it in without moving braces with no success. The i removed and end brace and tried again...still no luck so had to remove the middle one hehe :)

I rent so i'm trying to avoid thinking about what will be involved if\when i move!

I promise i'm new at this......well except if you call having a few small unplanted tanks in my bedroom as a kid as experience ;)

May as well post a few more piccies, i need to take some new ones now the rummies are in ;)






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Thanks Joan ;) Its been a steep learning curve, i'm a bit of a green thumb so figured i'd give underwater plants a go!


I used aperture priority for all the shots and a fairly high iso.

For the fish i had the aperture wide open at F4 for the nice shallow DOF. For the other shots from memory it was around F8.0

I recently reisntalled my pc and for the life of me cant find my copy of photoshop so they are straight off the camera :(

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