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  1. WOW, he's brilliant, excellent purchase.
  2. Wow, awesome set-up. Welcome
  3. Loved the pics, that driftwood centre piece is amazing.
  4. Brilliant tank and setup, you have GREAT friends. The discus will love it
  5. I can commiserate with you. My six monthly clean of my cannister filter inevitably leads to a flood each time i turn the filter back on - and we have an elevated house with jarrah timber floors. Not quite as bad as carpets but the plaster walls beside the tank seem to soak up the tank water very well.
  6. Gday Ann I'm out at Palmerston. I only check the pH these days. I store three water containers in the shed (that I filled the previous week)and use to replace the water that I siphon out this week. Before I add the "new" water I check the pH level and add the recommended dosage of "stuff" to keep a relatively neutral pH. That way most of the additives are gone and the water temp of the "new" water matches the tank's. Until recently I hadnt lost that many fish so it must work ok. cheers mitch ps did you hear that Oscars are now able to be imported into the NT, woohoo, am madly saving
  7. gday Anne Glad to hear there are others up here into fish. Sometimes I'm jealous of the "southerners" who can pop round the corner visit each other to buy/swap and sell their fish and equipment without the high costs of postage. I have seven tanks, including two six footers, however, on the weekend the boss said that i have to downsize, so maybe i can convince her into just keeping the two larger tanks. I'm fairly new to the site, but its been an invaluable source of info. welcome mitch
  8. Loved the set-up. Love rams too - only not really compatable with blue acaras. I finally got rid of all my duck weed, took me weeks of using a net to catch it all. Each day i swear it would double in surface area, makes a great mulch.
  9. Gday Charlie, a two foot tank and the water should be fine. Mine lived quite well in a six foot community tank with acaras, angels, black knife, etc. Theyre notorious for escaping and unfortunately mine lived up to his name by finding the smallest gap beside the intake filter line, argh. Strangely enough, he used to sit in the middle of the tank and watch Mash re-runs with me in the evenings, maybe he had a thing for Hot Lips Hoolihan!!
  10. Ditto on wow and jealous. Thats it, the blue acaras are out and replacing them with yours. Well the big male did take a nip when i wasnt looking when i cleaned the glass tonight so he's not in my good books anyway. Love the layout.
  11. Beaut looking setup, am envious. The spray bar should solve the strong current problem. Tho must admit I also saw the heater first and couldnt believe its still required. Am currently sitting at my desk and its 35 outside. Just inside the W.A. border on monday it was 39 in the shade!
  12. Oh wow, both tanks and sound track were brilliant. I want one I want one. has given me lots of ideas for one of my outside tanks. Does anyone know the name of the algae / plant that carpeted the floors of the tanks? Mitch
  13. Am also leaning towards BS too. I've been breeding most types of mollies on and off for over 30yrs (and no i'm not giving away my age) makes me wonder what he tells to people new to the hobby. cheers
  14. "smoosh them" is that the technical term lol. but it works. :(
  15. ahh bugger. tried to load pics of the fish and the tanks, thought i followed your destructions carefully too. just aint that computer savvy. well my first male is four inches from nose to tail, pinkish with red flecks. The other two are just your standard dark blue vt's tho smaller. will keep trying til i get the hang of it.
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