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Cories that let me take care of 'em *Lots of pics*


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The panda cories here in Melb are about $5 each (that's the cheapest I've seen). I actually brought this panda home from Qld.. i couldn't resist those cute little eyes.. and whiskers.. and devil may care attitude when fighting out food with the other bigger fishes...

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I'm another cory lover :cheer: I have reticulated, leopard, sterbai, tail-spot and pepper cories. I got the tail-spot (caudomaculatus) cory's from upmarket pets near the vic markets for $10, they had some tiny panda cory's for $3.90 I think. Coburg Aquarium often has sterbai and similis also.

I love the way they are always ferreting their way through the gravel and up and down the glass. ;)

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Hi Everyone

Just a question since we are on the topic of corys. I have 2 pandas and 2 similus corys, all about 3-5cm in length (so they are still babies!). I have realised that 2 of the corys are pretty smart and will generally find the food i give them within 5 mins. The other two never seem to the join the 'feeding frenzy'. One of my panda corys will even swim past its food without even noticing. I've realised the ones that eat have developed a healthy pinkish hue whilst the other two seem a bit dull in colour.

My question is, do you guys find that some corys don't join in the feeding and rather just 'hang around' at the back? Would i have to the give the shy ones special treatment?

What do you think i should do?

My betta is very feisty and would try to steal the cory's food given the opportunity. After reading up on this I've tried feeding the corys at night.

Thanks in advance

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have you tried a variety of food? it could be that the cory is simply a fussy eater.

I give my lot a variety of food, algae wafer, shrimp pellets, zucchini, worms (live and frozen) and they seem to accept the food as they come, no matter how fussy they started off.

Also, possibly a larger colony would help?

Don't forget though, the fish aren't silly. Worse case is don't give them food for a day and feed them on the 2nd as they are hungry? Just an idea, but when I have given the fish a detox day, they seem to be more enthusiastic about their food.


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