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Hi Maazo, welcome to AusAqua. What sort of fish/tanks do you keep? :(

Thanks Lissa. I keep planted tanks. Just down to 2 ATM with only one really functioning. The first is a 140L with Blackbar Endlers, Ember Tetras, Praecox Rainbowfish, Spotted Blue-eyes, Darwin Algae shrimp, glass shrimp and a very lonely Otocinclus. The other is a 32L tank that WAS home to the Endlers before my daughter trashed it. I've been wondering what to put in it and walking through someone's new shop doesn't help!!! :) I was thinking about Sparkling Gouramis and/or Pygmy Cory's.

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Welcome Maazo :( I keep Sparkling Gouramis and I adore them, they are just the best little fish and love a little planted aquarium that size.

Would love to see some of your shrimp. I have been thinking about getting some Darwin Red-nose shrimp for my planted nano. But I must wait as I am going to rescape it this weekend. How well do the Darwin Algae shrimp hold up? Do they do a good job on the algae?


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Hi Maazo, I'd love to see pictures of your tanks. They sound great. The 14oL has a few of my favourites in it.

Where are some of us familiar from?

Yeah, I've been a bit slack with photographing my tanks.

I know Rod and a few others through the Brisbane scene.

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@ Rod, yeah there were some nice nothos and other killies in there when I went in the other day. Also were admiring the fancy guppies. I was very lucky to walk out with wallet intact, especially after seeing the apistos as well. When the next auction?

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