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  1. Hi Elise, welcome to AusAqua! I love your male crowntail, his colour is absolutely amazing!
  2. Hi Peter! Welcome to AusAqua Congratulations with the breeding - hope you get lots of little babies soon! I know what you mean about the computer sometimes!
  3. Hi Jessica, welcome to AusAqua! Pepsi is gorgeous :betta:
  4. Hi Ricky! Welcome to AusAqua :)
  5. Hi bubbzy81! Welcome to AusAqua! Have a look at the "Spawn Tank" section of this site - so much information there to get you started - plus you can always post any questions that you have!
  6. Hi Pakfu! Welcome to AusAqua Where are you located?
  7. Hi Peter, welcome to AusAqua! :)
  8. TraceTrace


    Hi Kristy, welcome to AusAqua! :)
  9. TraceTrace


    Hi miked9, welcome to AusAqua! :wub:
  10. Hi wickedfish! Welcome to AusAqua! Fantastic work with all your spawns - can't wait to see them! :wub:
  11. He is gorgeous! I often find that VTs have the most personality too I agree with everyone regarding the addictiveness of these fish - my addition started with one VT that was bought for my then-boyfriend.. it quickly became two.. three.. and the rest is history ;)
  12. Hi Kath, welcome to AusAqua! There are quite a few links to online aquarium shops in the "Classifieds" section - if you have a browse through you might be able to find what you are looking for! :)
  13. Hi Troy, welcome to AusAqua! :D
  14. Hi killiguy, that's an amazing list of fish there! I too would love to see photos of your setup :D
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