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  1. Hi Elise, welcome to AusAqua! I love your male crowntail, his colour is absolutely amazing!
  2. Hi Peter! Welcome to AusAqua Congratulations with the breeding - hope you get lots of little babies soon! I know what you mean about the computer sometimes!
  3. Hi Jessica, welcome to AusAqua! Pepsi is gorgeous :betta:
  4. Yay I have tails and bobby fry! It doesn't look like a big spawn, probably 20-30 fry at the moment (I think dad had the munchies) but I'm hoping I have more hiding away somewhere. I'd forgotten how small fry are!
  5. I suspect the former killimike - I remember Bettarazzi posting some pictures from his visit to the Thai betta farm and they had rows and rows of those bowls! I don't know how they do it though, I wouldn't have the heart nor stomach to do it!
  6. Hi Ricky! Welcome to AusAqua :)
  7. I have eggs! Female has been taken out and is being pampered and treated with Melafix. He wasn't gentle! Just hoping now that the eggs last the next 48 hours without being eaten. Fingers and toes crossed!
  8. It might be a case of "absence makes the heart grow fonder" in this case - they might have gotten used to seeing each other every day, so he doesn't think that blowing a bubblenest is of any use as he isn't going to get her. Perhaps try putting them in seperate tanks, only letting them see each other for a short period each day. You can condition them at the same time (ie. feeding high protein live/frozen foods or high quality pellets) as they will need the energy for spawning. They may not eat for quite a few days while they are spawning, plus the male might not eat anything for the few days that he is caring for the eggs/fry. The conditioning (and teasing her with the male) will also help the female get fat and produce more eggs for spawning. May people then introduce the female into the spawn tank by floating her in a separate jar so the male can see her. I use half a 2L cola bottle with the top cut off and holes poked in it - there is a theory that the male can sense her pheromones (that dreaded word again!) which encourages him to build a bubblenest. Do you have anything for the male to build a bubblenest under? The male that I am attempting to breed now will not build a bubblenest - however he goes nuts and builds massive ones as soon as I put a piece of bubblewrap into the tank. You will also need something for the female the hide in as spawning can get very brutal and bettas don't always spawn immediately after introduction. You will need to be prepared to see your gorgeous girl get beat up - missing fins and scales are quite normal as the male has to show off his masculinity. Some males can get beat up quite badly too - it's really a case of watching them and only removing the female if it looks like she is seriously going to be killed. You can help by only releasing her when she is showing signs of being ready, eg. vertical barring (the horizontal stripes are stress lines, the vertical lines are "come get me boys!" signs) How big is the tank that you are planning to spawn them in?
  9. Hi bubbzy! What is your current set-up? What did you do with the pair before you introduced them? Unfortunately breeding bettas is a little more complex than simply throwing the fish in together, however once you understand what you're doing and why you're doing it, breeding bettas can be a very enjoyable (and addictive!) hobby. The more information you give us, the more we can help I know a lot of members who have successfully bred from bettas that were bought from an aquarium (aka LFS - local fish shop) so that might not be the issue. The other thing you have to consider as well is having live food for the betta fry once they have hatched - a combination of microworms, vinegar eels and baby brine shrimp (BBS) is necessary to keep your betta fry alive as they will not accept non-live food for the first few weeks at least.
  10. Just a quick update on this spawn.. For some reason they are growing very slowly! They are on live and frozen BBS, fed 2-3 times a day.. they are about 2.5 months old now but still look really tiny. They are otherwise very active and love their BBS. Any suggestions? These pics are of the biggest in the spawn, would estimate about 1cm long? I have 8 fry left.
  11. Trying this pair again. They've been going at it for a couple of hours now - they are wrapping (yes, I am peeking out from behind the java moss again!), but she's not producing any eggs despite his best efforts to squeeze as hard as he can. Urgh! :)
  12. Hi bubbzy81! Welcome to AusAqua! Have a look at the "Spawn Tank" section of this site - so much information there to get you started - plus you can always post any questions that you have!
  13. I LOVE the fish in the 2nd last photo! Great pics too Peta, you always take really nice shots!
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