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Master Gold


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A pic I took late evening when I was trying to take a look at the fry, well, what do I see...the male is getting all angry and show off.

Anyway, he's with about 200 or more of his fry there and I'm thinking of throwing him a female.

This male is the so-called 'master gold' from xman. He's as gold as you can see from tip to toe. It's more like "light" gold and I have a strong belief it's coming from copper line (after X generations).

What I mean by "light" is not that he's less goldish compared to others, in fact he's the most goldish of all my golds. He is "light" since he has that see-through finnages, so it seems he's coming from opaque line (somewhere in the ancestry).

Anyway, enjoy. I can't take good pics of him, but boy he's one of the show quality one and he looks totally different compared to when he arrived (thought he nearly died LOL)

Ohh...forgot... I tried to point to some of his fry with the red markings :(

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He's actually a show off type, but I didn't have a male/female last time when I took the pic. Besides it was at night when i took the pic, I didn't even think the pic will come out. Man...he opens very big when he flares....I love the way he flares but I have to restrict him for not being too agressive, cause he's minding the fry :( He killed 2 females already since he was too overprotective (or maybe the females were just eggbound, I don't know) Ohh...there are 2 moms for his fry (each batch about 200) but I'm just counting on the "safe side" lol...The moms were golds too... Some fry are DTs, so I know he's carrying the DT gene (as well as the moms), but the ST fry caudal spread so big too, so I'm kinda happy for this lot.

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