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  1. I'd be keen to come along except Im moving so its a no go Next time I guess... and by then I'll have my fish room and breeding system all up and running so would be able to bring stuff along.
  2. That looks fantastic!!!! I'd be very interested in hearing about the kit form!
  3. Yep that he is. He doesnt look that good any more... when I attempted to breed him the female decided to tear strips off him so Im attempting to get him better again and avoid fin rot
  4. Well I got a new camera yesterday and after a bit of messing around I got a couple of Ok shots of the fry... I took the male out as like Lilly... I thought I saw him eat a fry... he never spat it back out so he came out. Still LOTS of fry in the tank... all very healthy at this stage. Ive created a website that has a log on it with the spawns that are happening here at the moment.... www.fishywoo.com
  5. The babys are free swimming now. Lots of them in the tank. Ive left the male in there for now... just watching what he does. At the moment he just grabs any fry that swim past and tries to put them back in the nest Ive tried to get some photos but because the tank is stained with IAL its too murky to pick up any of the bubbas but I'll keep trying.
  6. We have fry. They are only just starting to hatch at the moment. Just a few tails showing, lots of wriggling eggs still. Hes being such a good father but hes very very busy chasing eggs and fry all over the place! On a side note, one of my other spawns was successful (only small) so hopefully there should be more fry tonight. Cheers Amy
  7. Thanks for the kind words. Yep they are a sibling pair from Elegantbetta in Thailand. The male hasnt eatten any of the eggs. He's moved them all to one area and it created a large lump under the bubble wrap. I have two other pairs together at the moment but no action from them yet... just massive bubble nests. If anything happens I'll create new logs. Cheers Amy
  8. Howdy Well my boyfriends imported Mustard Gas OHM pair decided to do the deed this afternoon. I put him in the tank by himself for a day, put her in a container this morning, let her out at lunch time and by 4pm they had started... and they are still going. This is the first time my boyfriend has ever spawned any kind of fish and is really excited, stood and watched the action for over an hour. She was HUGE (still is) and there are already easy 200+ eggs It will be interesting to see what sort of form we get from this pair, both have stunning fins. The big plus is that there is zero fin damage or scale damage to either fish!!! This is the pair.... The male... he's a show pony... any time the camera is near, he goes to town and there are always plenty of photos to choose from The female... has a better tail than what you can see in this photo The happy pair... EGGS!!!! (These are only a small selection... they are spread all over a 20cmx20cm nest I'll keep you updated Cheers Amy
  9. I feel your pain... Ive had one of my girls do that too. The male just had no idea so I took her out of the tank after a week of nothing... as soon as she was in her tank she built her nest and put her eggs into it.
  10. Amoi

    So Frustrating...

    Just a traditional PK so the tails of the young will probably be terrible but it gives me a chance to get the hang of breeding anyway. I can always just give the fry away to friends if they dont turn out too good tail wise.
  11. Amoi

    So Frustrating...

    Ok so they have tails now. Not too many as i have a feeling the male had a midnight snack so maybe around 20. Its the first time my boyfriend has ever seen fish spawn and eggs hatch so hes pretty excited, forever running off to check on the babies.... very cute He's happy to be learning on the LFS ones as he has 3 imported pairs coming from Thailand so he wants to get the hang of things with these ones.
  12. Amoi

    So Frustrating...

    OK so it only took them a week but I finally have eggs. The female isnt too worse for wear and the male just spends all his time moving the eggs around the nest. Its not a huge spawn, about 50 or so eggs I would guess but its a nice small one to ease me back into breeding again.
  13. Hi all Does anyone know when the next shipment from Thailand is due to leave? I sent an email to someone but I know she's super busy so I havent heard back yet. Cheers Amy
  14. Hello My boyfriend and I went a little nuts on aquabid (up to 13 so far... still more to come yet ) and I'd just like to get a bit of a critique done on our two favs. Mine is the Salamander Dragon OHM Male and my boyfriends is the Blue Mustard Gas OHM. (I have permision from the sellers to use the images) This is the first betta my boyfriend has bought. He didnt even know about the "fancy" ones and now hes hooked... hes bough 6 out of the 13 with hopefully another 2 coming. Yet another person converted to the "betta" hobby Cheers Amy
  15. Amoi

    So Frustrating...

    He was in the tank by himself for 2 days and I put her in the tank in a cut off coke bottle for a day. I released her as he was keen and she was doing the submissive thing and not running away. They have been together free swimming for a day now. His nest is huge, about 10cm by 10cm. Shes just being soft or maybe its because being a PK he's a little rough but most of the time he just swims over and flashes his fins and then swims back to his nest. No real damage given to the girl yet so I'm just giving them some more time, especially since the male is still very keen. Cheers Amy
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