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  1. That looks fantastic!!!! I'd be very interested in hearing about the kit form!
  2. I feel your pain... Ive had one of my girls do that too. The male just had no idea so I took her out of the tank after a week of nothing... as soon as she was in her tank she built her nest and put her eggs into it.
  3. Hi all Does anyone know when the next shipment from Thailand is due to leave? I sent an email to someone but I know she's super busy so I havent heard back yet. Cheers Amy
  4. Amoi

    New Hm

    Thanks... have got any females... yet. someone will be sending me a pair of Royal Blue OHM and a pair of Black Dragon HM this week and I'll be getting some more off Debstep the following week. The plan is to get back into breeding them again. The great part is that my boyfriend wasnt a fishy person until I started showing him the types I was getting... and when he spotted this guy he was rapped. He's been checking on him every 5mins and running off to find a mirror. Its very cute Here is another photo of him flaring... its not the greatest as I only have a pretty old and basic ca
  5. Amoi

    New Hm

    Its been a while since Ive been on the forum and I havent really had a chance to get any HM living out in the sticks (Kingaroy) but yesterday when i went to the LFS I found this little guy and I just had to get him as he was only $25 and I think he's pretty much a bargan for his form, full HM without flaring. What do you think... Cheers Amy
  6. Not sure exactly what it is but i can tell you its not a BN egg. They are small bright orange eggs. Hope someone else can help you out! Cheers Amy
  7. Welcome to the forum! Great to see new faces. Cheers Amy
  8. Fiona I have been looking at all the different fish you have bred on the forum and you have done such a great job! You are defiantly a credit to the betta hobby! I would be more than happy to give a home to a few of your fish! Just let me know when they are ready. Im also very keen on getting one of those brine shrimp hatchers that you have got. Seems so much easier than the other methods. Cheers Amy ^_^
  9. Thanks for the warm welcome back everyone!!!! At the moment all Im breeding is some lyre tail guppies. They look great but i would really like to start getting some more. At the moment im in the process of setting up all my tanks again. Ive got a 4', 3' & a few 2' and lots of betta tanks from someone. So i have plenty of space to start slowly breeding fish again. Cheers Amy
  10. Hey all. As you can probably tell... Im not exactly new. I signed up to this forum over a year ago with alot of bettas but since then had to move and as a result I havent got any left (either given away or passed away over time). As Im now settled in my new place I am keen to get started into keeping and breeding again. So I have my eyes open for a nice breeding pair to start with to just get back into the habit again. If anyone has any good quality pairs (HM, CT, PK or HMPK) please let me know. Im also going into breeding some of the more colourful livebearers too just for something a l
  11. They look brilliant and it will be great to see the resulting offspring from them Cheers Amy
  12. I have seen those pre-packed BW before but have never bought them. I like them just being given to me in a plastic container like the chinese takeaway tubs. Easier to dish out that way. Cheers Amy
  13. Great to see you here! Enjoy!!!! Cheers Amy
  14. Howdy and welcome to AusAqua. Enjoy your stay! Cheers Amy
  15. WOW!!! he looks great. I have never been real keen on golds as alot of the golds I see on aquabid dont even look gold, but your male looks fantastic! cant wait to see them all grown up!!! Cheers Amy
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