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  1. forget about the movies...I'll upload them tomorrow...Just way too slow atm :blush:
  2. Golds......... This one is just the way that I would like to see my golds Another growout of these guys '> Movies of the copper golds and golds: main community tank. 10 MB each, need apple quicktime, and may take ages to load!! hope my modem wont die on me while uploading LOL http://niiil.com/edie/DSCN4397.MOV http://niiil.com/edie/DSCN4398.MOV http://niiil.com/edie/DSCN4399.MOV
  3. Red golds..........3 containers for these lots '> '>
  4. Just my mood of throwing lots of crappy pics These are my guys in the community tanks, and only a few in the barracks. Also 3 pics of the copper gold females, chasing and flaring...kinda fun watching them LOL. '> '> '> '>
  5. lol... hope he's getting a lot nicer by the time next shipment comes :bighug:
  6. edie

    Gold HMs

    LOL.. Those tanks were not cleaned, Mishy I poured too much of algae-removal liquid there a month a go and all algae seems died now LOL. Anyway, here's another picture: http://niiil.com/edie/DSCN4331.MOV
  7. edie

    Gold HMs

    All of them should be around 2 months or a little less. The biggest ones are the females!! LOL...I thought males are usually the biggest....apparently i'm wrong LOL
  8. edie

    Gold HMs

    sorry no pics. i took the movies only. taking pics make me mad, since i always cant get it right anyway, that's the warnings :D and only for the high bandwidth ppl LOL
  9. I've took a few shots of my gold HM fry, they're going well. Some are very clean, some are marblish. Each movie here is about 10MB and require you to have quicktime http://www.apple.com/quicktime Thanks lambo for the webspace Enjoy #1: growout tank, nice to see them chasing each other without much nipping yet :tongue: #1 #2: more of the growout, still same section, just for the h*ck of it lol #2 #3: more of the growout #3 #4: gold male 1 male1 #5: male 2 male2 #6: male 3: he has tendency to get distracted LOL male3a male3b #7: male 4 male4 #7:
  10. edie


    loongfu!!! nice to see u still visit us :lol:
  11. edie

    The CG

    I got this boy after a very long war againts those ppl who want him. And the list is long!! The winner couldn't take him, so the breeder is gonna send him to me whoooohoooo!!! Now, it's just the matter of choosing the bride for him when he arrives :blink:
  12. LOL Di having a bday and won't even tell us last time!!! would have had a cake for it :)
  13. and i thought we're gonna have a show too? any news about it? or melb is the 1st??
  14. once u have so much rules, ppl will have strong tendency NOT to have them on the first place...go figure where they will go when no one wants them no more sometimes, small kids would get acquainted with animal through those prizes or gift etc. Having all those rules, the parents would be scared to death to own any animals thinking "we're working class ppl, having a dog means spending lots of time walking it or be penalized when we forgot, but little Fanny wants it so much...." Anyway, that's their rule now, so we just have to see how they go
  15. And I got the pics of my golds from Abbey Thanks Abb. Talking about taking pictures without wasting much time...that's the camera I was talking about!! LOL Here are some pics when they were in Sept My C/G, I wonder where this guy is gone to now...somewhere in the barracks This guy loves my ceiling so much, he would stare at it for days :D My gold when he was younger, now he's medicated since his eye was beaten by the female. Oh..he's OHM btw, just not showing well.
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