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  1. i wonder if that female from Luke too? She's awesome black...must be melano background...lack of irrids there :D
  2. forget about the movies...I'll upload them tomorrow...Just way too slow atm :blush:
  3. Golds......... This one is just the way that I would like to see my golds Another growout of these guys '> Movies of the copper golds and golds: main community tank. 10 MB each, need apple quicktime, and may take ages to load!! hope my modem wont die on me while uploading LOL http://niiil.com/edie/DSCN4397.MOV http://niiil.com/edie/DSCN4398.MOV http://niiil.com/edie/DSCN4399.MOV
  4. Red golds..........3 containers for these lots '> '>
  5. Just my mood of throwing lots of crappy pics These are my guys in the community tanks, and only a few in the barracks. Also 3 pics of the copper gold females, chasing and flaring...kinda fun watching them LOL. '> '> '> '>
  6. edie

    Red HM M

    lol... hope he's getting a lot nicer by the time next shipment comes :bighug:
  7. clean the tank, put the fish back in clean water, dont feed for 2 days, then see how they go
  8. edie

    Gold HMs

    LOL.. Those tanks were not cleaned, Mishy I poured too much of algae-removal liquid there a month a go and all algae seems died now LOL. Anyway, here's another picture: http://niiil.com/edie/DSCN4331.MOV
  9. very nice pictures with nice lightings i think the fish will be small in body compared to others, but we'll see when he gets here LOL
  10. edie

    Gold HMs

    All of them should be around 2 months or a little less. The biggest ones are the females!! LOL...I thought males are usually the biggest....apparently i'm wrong LOL
  11. edie

    Gold HMs

    sorry no pics. i took the movies only. taking pics make me mad, since i always cant get it right anyway, that's the warnings :D and only for the high bandwidth ppl LOL
  12. edie

    Gold HMs

    I've took a few shots of my gold HM fry, they're going well. Some are very clean, some are marblish. Each movie here is about 10MB and require you to have quicktime http://www.apple.com/quicktime Thanks lambo for the webspace Enjoy #1: growout tank, nice to see them chasing each other without much nipping yet :tongue: #1 #2: more of the growout, still same section, just for the h*ck of it lol #2 #3: more of the growout #3 #4: gold male 1 male1 #5: male 2 male2 #6: male 3: he has tendency to get distracted LOL male3a male3b #7: male 4 male4 #7: male 5: same distraction for this one...he's a feathertail male5
  13. same here...if I say I want fry...I really meant it!!
  14. lol...ur female is not melano anyway, should be ok
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