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Mishy's Birthday


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I'm not sure if I am game enough to post up the picture I was going to post . . . 'tis nothing dodgy, just a (ok so it's dodgy in the sense that it's REALLY blurry) picture of Mish and Nam truly looking like they had stepped out of the pages of a fairytale . . .

Am I allowed to? I don't want to like, usurp Mish's picture posting rights

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Ok so the pictures that I took inside turned out REALLY blurry so you can't really see a great deal, but take my word for it, they truly looked like they had stepped out of the pages of a fairytale. Nam looked VERY handsome and Mishy absolutely beautiful.


Rocking up in style.


Guard of honour.


The grand entrance


And of course, the two pictures I really wanted to come out good quality didn't, yet the hummer came out awesome. Trust nokia to put a POS camera in the phone I have =\ (and teach me not to buy a REAL digital camera)

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Thanks Starwing for sharing... we only just got back from the honeymoon this arvo and been busy settling in the new kids :)

Yes, everyone give me the cold shoulder... I'll be sure to sick Daryl onto them :P

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omg, omg, omg, you got married! I never even knew that you got engaged. I go quiet on the forum for a while and look what happens. :lol:

Congratulations guys I could not think of the more perfect couple than Nam and Mishy, truly one of the nicest, coolest, most fun couple I have ever meet. :)

I would love to see some close up and clear (sorry starwing) pic's.



P.S Who's Daryl and the new kids, what the????

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