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Nano planted Cube

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Tank Size: 8x8x8inch

Volume: 8.4 litre

Plants: HC, Pogostemon Helferi & Blyxa Japonica

Fish: Planning to put 1 flying fox & CRS(Maybe<-they are very expensive in aus :D )

Decorative Materials: Unknow type of rocks from supscape aquarium

Lighting: 7w for now (will be upgraded to DIY 11w PL x 2 light box )

Filteration: Hang On filter (will be upgraded)

Ferts: ADA Step 1 , Brighty K, ECA, Green Gain





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I saw this tank in real life today. It is sooooooooo cute! I've got the same size tanks but I somehow couldn't quite visualise them planted out like that. There's something quite magical about it's smallness. Can't wait for that HC to grow out a bit more. Now we all have to remember to keep bumping this thread every month so we can get updated pics. :lol:

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