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New fishies!


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Last night I got home from work at 9:45pm I found my latest shipment sitting on my doorstep, mind you I sat around all day waiting for them to arrive but they came well after 6pm (deliver my 5:30 my foot). Anyway, here's some pics I took today, they're still settling in so they're not in tip top condition.

The count? 12 bettas, 3 goldies (no decent pics yet), a blue claw yabby and some baby yabbies.



Black PK


Blue/Purple VT


Blue SD


Marble CT (my mum's likes this guy)

More to come seeing as they won't let me post lots

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No girls for these boys, I'm under strict orders (from my mum) not to breed and at the moment I'm quite happy to just have a lot of pretty boys :) They're definately settling in well, the black PK, MGs and the white/purpley boy all have bubblenests in the corner of their beanie boxes. The female yabby has ate the slice of carrot (in pieces) that I put in her tank yesterday, she's very protective and it's cute

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